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The payé correntino is not for anyone

Corrientes and the payé, at this point in history, are one heart.

Corrientes historia

A lot of things can be awarded to the coastal province.   Chamamé , religious faith, unbridled love for  fishing and its clear waters . It also has a gastronomy with exquisite flavors, heterogeneous landscapes and interesting  legends   to entertain a lifetime. “ Corrientes  has payé” , you read and hear say by all the locals. For those who come from outside, it's hard to understand the  concept a little. Something we're going to cover in another chapter. Here we're going to talk about  tradition  and  a very important  one, by the way.  Guaranític roots  do not cease to amaze in these lands and pretend that this will continue during the times to come.

 Popular word 

The word   payé   comes from  Guaraní culture  . The shaman of the original tribes is also called that, because he is considered a sorcerer, doctor or medium. However, this is one of  Paraguay's most conventional and widely used beliefs . At the same time, it is practiced in several regions of our country . Such are the cases of the provinces of  Formosa, Entre Ríos,  Misiones    and  , of course,  Corrientes  . The revealing fact of the issue is that we are referring to a ritual involving  magic . It is not worth applying moral criteria here.

Everything revolves around a  spell  destined to achieve a  certain goal  and that is  made by a healer  according to the intended purpose. The  reasons  can be several and even curious. In this regard, it is done to win someone's heart, avoid dangers, get lucky in the game and enjoy good health. Even, there are those who do it to operate like a bulletproof vest and they don't impact the body of the one who has it.

Likewise, there are more hopeful reasons that involve the conquest of happiness. But grace does not always abound. It is sometimes used to cause unfortunate and incurable diseases in enemies. One of the modalities is to obtain a pledge from the victim, if it is intimate better. Even, they assure that if it was recently used and not washed, the effect would be more effective.

For more benevolent goals, bags are grabbed in which medals of saints are placed. Under this line, if they are blessed by a priest, they will gain more strength. Then stones, bones and prints are added to them, among other things. It should be noted that a very powerful element is the caburei pen, especially when used as a talisman.

 And what is Corrientes? 

 The faithful correntinos of the payé have blind faith in this one . To the point that, if the ritual does not work for them as expected, they are attributed to defects in their realization. Or, allude to the fact that the recipient of the spell had a more powerful payé. Therefore, it works as a force that is sent, acquired and much more.

In turn,  for the people of Correntino it implies a feeling that generates their land . Which is capable of catching everyone who steps on it. And, as long as she leaves eventually, she's always going to remember her. Aspects that are taken up in  chamamé and poetry , with  numerous compositions that speak of that  longing .

Publication Date: 02/11/2020

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