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The Cordovan Rally

Every year, the Cordobes have a ritual that makes the province revolutionize. The Cordoba rally makes everything possible.
auto rally
| 14 January, 2020 |

Among classics, superclassics, key matches, openings or tournament closures, we spend the year on all Argentines. There are always some dates that are more expected than others. For the Cordobes there is an event that is the most important. The only one. The one we wait crossing out one by one the days that pass, waiting for the time to come. For this event we do our best. We save a band, we shit-cold, and we’re even able to go with someone we don’t banked so wecan live it. It is the Cordoba Rally, the event that condenses all the magic of the being of Cordoba.

This event takes place in the Sierras and, most of the time, on dates when the cold Cuts the bones. But we don’t care. Nothing, and we’re not missing even there! Preparations begin at least a month earlier. We put our batteries on. between groups of friends, or with family. We organize to see who puts the car, who puts the chairs, the tent, the coats, where we get the conservative, etc.

Four intense days

It is a televised event and runs through much of the Sierras de Córdoba. In general the event lasts 4 days. And it’s 4 days of pure roast, pritiau and fernet. Between friends and quartets, and occasionally some rock, the wait to see the cars pass by is glory. The funny thing is, half the assistant population knows the least about cars. In reality, it is more important to meet, to share together, than to race itself.

That’s why it’s so special, because on this date (and on its eve) you breathe plot. Organization and coordination to be able to attend. The group of friends becomes a logistics company, so that in those four days there is no shortage of asadito, no music, no chupi. A unique show. Car passes become the most sung goal in history. And with Cordovan tune.

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