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The Central Market of Mendoza, a classic

In the City of Mendoza, the Central Market has been operating for years. Regional products, entertainment and restaurants give it a traditional color.

Mercado Central de Mendoza

The flavors are mixed and history is breathed in this traditional commercial space, where you get products that are not found anywhere else.  The Central Market has seen generations and generations of families that traditionally buy there. But, also, on the other side the issue is generational, since whole families are the ones that keep many of the shops on foot.  


 Founded in 1884 by Luis Lavoisier,  it was the first commercial gallery and fair in the city, with access to three streets: Patricias Mendocinas,   Las Heras   and General Paz  . It emerged as a huge unroofed fair, with adobe walls and stone porticos whose owners were mostly immigrants.  The arrival of the railway, in 1885, was very important for the development of the market,  marking the definitive take-off of the entire area due to the presence of immigrants, and travelers who feverishly traveled through the area.

The first building intervention of the Mercado was in 1922, with the construction of adobe sheds, some stalls with metal frame and picturesque marble countertops. However,  a fire in 1968 forced almost complete reconstruction, removing all the adobe that was standing.   In 1991, when it was 107 years after its foundation, the place was declared of Tourist Interest.

The Market was a place nobody wanted to miss. Therefore, some people who remember their beginnings through these corridors, note that famous artists walked there, among them  Carlos Gardel and the Mexican Mario Moreno Cantinflas, who tasted the famous churros from the American Bar.

 Your offer 

The market offers the products of the Mendoza land:  fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, wines, homemade sweets and typical meals.   It is a traditional place in Mendoza, with fourth and fifth family generations attending some position and, above all, maintaining the quality of care and products.

 Hundreds of people enter the Central Market every day. End consumers, resellers, there's everything. Tourists also enjoy this place that has a very particular atmosphere , with colorful colors that bring the goods exhibited, aromas of spices, fish and other products, and the comfort of being able to eat on site from a  pizza  step to an elaborate dish in the renovated food court.

Visitors' attention is also drawn to posters showing Mendoza legends and phrases, proper names for typically local stalls and convenient offers of the day that include all kinds of alternatives and products with merchandise sold to weight such as spices, tomatoes and mushrooms dried, legumes and cereals.

 In the market we find the traditional mendocina cheese factory, as well as vegetable shops with very varied seasonal vegetables. The market also offers, next to the door that connects the market with its parking lot, a space set like a small  museum  where you can see old typewriters, desks, a scale and a machine register as samples of the past of the place.

It is a place that had, in its beginnings, the culture of work at its best, with immigrants renting a place to sell some product and survive. A culture that is maintained to this day, that of work.

Publication Date: 19/01/2021

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