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The Carnival of Venice in Salteño

The Venice Carnival will take life through the Festa della Maschera in Salta and showcase the best of Italian culture.


The end of the year is approaching and Salta, together with the Italian community of that province, wants to close 2019 with everything. The historic Carnival of Venice will take place in La Linda on 6 December in the middle of the great Festa della Maschera .

The festival of “the mask” is a celebration of meeting Italians and descendants living in the northern province and its surroundings. It will be a unique night where there will be many murgas with the Italian touch. Masks will be given to those present and there will be other activities and sweepstakes that will animate the evening.

Italian culture will transform Salta, gastronomy will be one of the main protagonists. The end of the year is approaching and could not miss the table of sweet bread, called by the tanus “panettone table”. The Camerata Stradivari and Ana Vicidomini will be able to beat and music to the festivity.

The Carnival of Venice is a unique holiday in all the world and with hundreds of years of history. It was the main attraction of the European aristocracy. Its highest political and social references, such as princes and nobles, participate with their masks without being recognized.

The central place of this holiday was Venice, and at one point this was lost with Napoleon's invasion and the carnival was banned. In 1979 Venice regained the carnival, people live it in the streets wearing masks and costumes. On the European peninsula the festival is in January, but the Salteña version will be in December.

The Italian society of Salteña has had a cultural 2019, and with this closing reconstructing the Carnival of Venice in Salta expect that the 2020 is a superstar.

Party Details

It will start at 21 on 6 December, it will be an Italian public holiday. In addition to the Carnival of Venice and its masks, you will be able to enjoy all the culture of that country and the day will end with a great dance.

Publication Date: 26/11/2019

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