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The benefits of tea are celebrated

Ninety percent of Argentine tea plantations are concentrated in Misiones and we are experts in celebrating. What can come out of that?

 Fiesta Nacional del Té

Cold, hot, warm. With more or less water. Black, Yellow, Brown or Green Uf, how many possibilities when it comes to their varieties. An  infusion  with such exquisite and healing properties that helps a sore throat. Even, it even serves as a home remedy for conjunctivitis . The  National Tea Festival   is responsible for paying tribute to you for a  full week  . It takes place in the town of  Campo Viera  all the first fortnights of May. There, visitors travel with joy because they know that it is a way to keep alive the  values brought  by the  first immigrant settlers  .

 The real thealeros  

The drink had to go through many stages in its history. But it all began in  1923  when  Priest   Tijon Hnatiuk  arrived from  Ukraine  to  Cologne Three Capons,  Misiones   . However, he did not do it empty-handed, but brought as a gift to his family a pack of seeds. These were from the species   Camellia sinensis  , with which various creations can be made. Since then, they were devising ways for their  production, industrialization and looked for new markets . Currently,  50,000 tonnes per year  are produced in the   province   for local consumption and exports.

On the other hand, in Campo Viera they still find  dynamic activities in tea and yerba mate. They see them as a  gateway to development and insertion in the rest of the world . In fact, its huge plantations earned it the title of  the National Tea Capital . Therefore, the  purpose  of the holiday is  to pay tribute to producers  for being an engine in the regional economy. It also represents a  gratitude to the natural conditions  that allow the development of this crop from millennial years.


Without going further, the  relationship between the  people  and the input  is so  significant  that it is  reflected  in a  shield  . For starters, this has a background with blue and red colors in honor of the Misiones flag. Then we can observe its name embedded in black and large letters so that it is clear who we are talking about. From behind, a green plow field is displayed on which bright rays from the sun impact. Finally, a hand appears with your thumb up that holds the famous plant.  All very good vibes .

 Immerse yourself in the infusion 

The festival includes a  commercial and agro-industrial exhibition  that combines cultural and artisan exhibitions typical of the area. The celebrations are centralized in a conference where representatives of the industry, as well as technicians and professionals meet. The lecture cycle includes  discussions and debates  about the  needs that revolve around thealera production  . In addition, the  Popular Festival  is held which shows the best of the folk circuit. Not to forget about the traditional  gourmet tea   tastings  that take place in the Tea House.

Over time,  new musical genres were incorporated  so that the event becomes  inclusive  . Accordingly, one of the evenings is called  “The Night of Youth”  and is entirely dedicated to  bands with other sounds  . There is even the existence of a  segment  of  Christian rhythms  . Under this line,  representative groups of churches and temples in the area and  its surroundings are invited to  participate 

Publication Date: 14/10/2020

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