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The Aboriginal Crafts Fair grows year by year in Chaco

Chaco is a province that has taken seriously cultural reconstruction with the native. The Aboriginal Crafts Fair proves it.

La Feria de Artesanía Aborigen chaqueña2

The Chaco Aboriginal Crafts Fair continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Cultural integration and   recognition   of other customs and communities grow   Chaco   . Every year the Wichis communities, mocovies,   qom   and vilelas have the opportunity to expose their culture.

The last few years have been strengthening cultural relations between different   communities   . There is a recognition of the native and the cultures that have historically been ours, but we didn't know for a while. The Chaco Aboriginal Crafts Fair is a space that allows this cultural encounter.

Le   fair   is huge and constitutes not only a cultural event, but also an event   tourist   . The indigenous communities find the possibility to trade their handicrafts there. Each of them is unique, because they are not produced in series. They bear the history, culture and feelings of each producer.

Chaco Fair

The event

The event takes place every year at the Santa Pino Fernández Predio, and is organized by the   René James Sotelo Museum   . This is located in the Chaco city of Quitilipi. This fair highlights the artisanal production of products, but there is also a place for music and gastronomy. Inclusion is an important topic for these communities, so intercultural bilingual education workshops have their space here. In this regard,   Chaco   has been a pioneer province in the construction of cultural bridges to bring communities closer together.

Each year more than 250 stalls exhibit different products that tell a story of each community. The Chaqueña Aboriginal Craft Fair is the largest in the province and attracts many tourists. The event lasts a few days, and usually takes place in November. Chaco already has 42 editions of this meeting that does not stop growing. It is an unmissable connection with the native culture.

Publication Date: 26/05/2020

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