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Tambo Tambo

An event that fills us with pride and gives us days of pure happiness. In Cordoba, the National Tambo festival is going.

 Every year,  the Pampean plain of the province of Cordoba invites Argentines to enjoy a unique event.  A historic event,  which is  part of the  with more than 50 years of editions, the Tambo National Festival remains an unmissable tradition.  The party for everyone combines different disciplines and with several goals. The main objective is  to pay tribute to the workers and producers of tamberos.  Another goal, no less important, is that shared by all our traditions: to get together. Get together to  eat, enjoy and dance.  But, above all, to claim the positive side of   being Argentinean  . The part that unites us, the collective work, the exploitation of our natural resources, and the  love of holidays.  

This celebration is held  every February of each year.  It is  the summer event  expected by all. It takes place in the  town of James Craik,  a city that is located in the Tercero Arriba department, province of Córdoba. James Craik is the  National Capital of Tambo.  In the middle of the Pampean plain, which is a region with great agricultural and livestock development, the tambo is worshipped.      Club Chañares    is one of the main organizers. Although, with the passage of time,  private and public entities  also joined the management of the festival.

 A pure celebration 

The Tambo National Festival is the fair mix between  tradition, sport and recreation . That is why their call is growing year by year. This event, like almost all our traditional parties, includes musical shows, dancing and  the choice of a queen  of the tambo. In general, the artists are local and the people who attend are  from all over the world.  But above all, from the urban and rural nucleus of  the Pampean plain in Cordoba. 

This celebration  also brings life  back to the city. It regenerates its dynamics throughout the year, as it  is the most anticipated event.  All institutions add up  with the preparations . Schools, businesses and local producers put their energy and work  to make each edition unique.  These celebrations demand union, collective work and become a form of gratitude. Thank you to nature, and its workers.

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