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Shall we go to the fair?

Vegetables, crafts, antiques. Going to the fair is a necessary routine in Santa Fe, as well as a time to walk and do social.

Nice custom is there in Santa Fe to buy things at the neighborhood fair, artisans, Americans and  entrepreneurs . The city has large supermarkets and shopping trips, but the Santafesino likes this modality and, incidentally,  helps small producers . In this city, on weekends the walk and rest are combined with the supply of products for daily life.

Saturdays mornings are to buy vegetables. In the four roads, in the Progreso Market or, in the north, in the association of quinteros, the Santafesinos arrived with our changuitos and chose one by one the vegetables and  fruits  that we want to eat. They come to us from their own producers. In addition, in many neighborhoods a little truck crosses a street and the stallers supply the neighbors throughout the morning.

 Weekend Tradition 

Saturday afternoons, the time of greater choices. Dozens of American fairs are installed in houses in the city. Entrepreneurs take advantage of the space that, originally, is dedicated to the marketing of used clothing, to show their initiatives (sale of groceries to accompany the mates, bijouterie and accessories, antiques, live music, etc). You have  to be attentive to social networks , where the realization of all kinds of events of these characteristics is disseminated.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, the two classics of crafts. On the traditional  Plaza Pueyrredón , on the boulevard, is the historic Fair of Artisans of the Sun and the Moon. Entrepreneurs in the city offer everything from clothing to decoration items, games, food, santeria and much more. Meanwhile, on the west coast, at the height of the Technological University, there is another space with similar characteristics, where you can buy crafts and the same time you walk along the lagoon. Both places are ideal to  combine shopping with the gathering  of friends or families to kill in the sun, while the kids run on the lawn.

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