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Santos Dedtos, a different tradition in Jujuy

The Day of the Dead Saints, in Jujuy, is lived in a different way. Death is not forgotten, and you do not always live in pain.


Every November 2, the Day of the  Dead Saints is celebrated, a festivity typical of Catholicism and much remembered in America. Popularly when this date arrives families take some time to visit their deceased and remember them. Family and religious culture in northern Argentina always has something different.  Jujuy  lives on the Day of the Dead Saints in a different way, a tradition that combines joy and sadness.

Day of the Dead Saints is a historic holiday of the  juj  And  so , it's part of his DNA. On November 2, the province lives a unique climate full of offerings and food to share. For his conception, this date is when God opens the doors of heaven. This would allow the deceased to come down and see their loved ones.

Tradition tells about a visit of the deceased; then, their relatives and loved ones prepare a holiday to receive them. In the form of offerings usually prepare the favorite dishes of those who have already left physical life. Eating can be transformed into a unique ritual with special foods. There are masses, visits to cemeteries increase and families will leave their offerings to their loved one's resting place.

The Day of the Dead Saints combines joy and sadness. Feelings are sharpened, memories return in a stronger way. The possibility of feeling a reunion, but with someone who has already died, generates a shock of sensations. Each one prepares to receive their deceased and presents their favorite feast. Everything is prepared long in advance. In addition to food, flowers and wreaths are protagonists in this tradition.

 Fairs and cemeteries 

There are places where the flowers accompanying the tombs last a long time. Cemeteries also take a different climate, death is lived differently. This holiday is not only lived in the houses; it is a family meeting, yes, but also a social and cultural event. The Day of the Dead Saints has its own fairs to get flowers, offerings and distinctive foods.

Publication Date: 17/02/2020

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