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Santiago del Estero: Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage

Today we want to tell you the traditions of the Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage that have been relieved in the
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26 January, 2020
For some

time now, the Ministry of Culture has been carrying out the survey of Argentine Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is a tool to collect and share information on cultural manifestations that form part of the identity of communities in the territory Argentine. Traditional ways of doing, naming, producing or celebrating that continue to be practiced, that are passed on to the new generations and that contribute to strengthening collective ties. Today we want to tell you the ones that have been relieved so far in the province of Santiago del Estero.

Traditional Creole Soguería in Loreto

It is an artisanal technique of making raw cow leather products. Usually it’s men you know, realize and transmit from generation to generation these knowledge, which form part of the tasks in the field. It stands out craftsmen such as the soguero, the braider and lacero.

Technique of handcrafted weaving on stake loom

Yarn, ovillado, dyed, weaved and woven with sheep wool, performed in the family environment, in the town of Loreto (Santiago del Estero). The technique is passed down from generation to generation and the woman is in charge of teaching it. Elements such as the spindle are used for ovulation, and the loom built with wood from local trees on which it is woven. It is also called Creole loom.

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