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Santa Fe Christmas Eve and its particularities

Spending Christmas Eve in Santa Fe has, in its preparation, singularities in which not only customs but also climatic factors intervene.

Navidad en Santa Fe

The city of Santa Fe is located on a land with depression, which places it below the level of nearby towns (Paraná, Sao Tome , etc). It is also surrounded by water provided by the Setúbal Lagoon and the Riacho Santa Fe (derived from Paraná) to the east and the Salado River to the west. For all this,  Santa Fe has a high percentage of humidity throughout the year , which is particularly accentuated in summer, making the heat overwhelming.

Usually, the month of December is more unstable, in terms of climate, than November. A whole week of overwhelming heat, which climbs the thermometer to 40 degrees (or more), is followed by a day of heavy storms, many unforeseen, with copious rainfall that causes tree damage and street flooding. Courtyards on the ground floor of houses which are not able to discharge the received water into already overflowed sewers do not escape this phenomenon. This conditions, undoubtedly, a planning that allows the celebration to be carried out at all costs.  So, the theme “weather forecast” is already a classic, which becomes vital to determine where the Christmas Eve table will be prepared, inside or outside. It is not easy to decide, when predicting “unstable weather conditions”, more than frequent in this area.

There are houses that have a large patio or a generous garden. These, surely, by December 24 will already be prepared with their ornate trees (be it pine, orange , ficus, or other species), their garlands of lights hanging on cornices and branches and in the gardens.Lanterns that, buried in the floor, give a festive and romantic look to the environment.So,  in good weather, everyone feels relaxed and happy, enjoying the breeze and freshness  that plants bring.

 Where do we put together? 

 When bad weather reigns  and the houses have space inside, air conditioners begin to operate from the afternoon that prepare a pleasant atmosphere to welcome attendees . It's not the same thing, no doubt . Some magic is lost by not being able to enjoy a starry sky and natural air on Christmas Eve.

Deciding where in the house the meeting will be, determines that the hosts put to work on the preparation of the environment.

Another similar problem due to the cause that causes it, but very different in the consequence carried out, arises when you have arranged to have dinner  in a house or apartment where there is not a sufficiently large covered space . So, you can only arrange the table in a patio or terrace. So, if the answer is “inside”, it involves looking for another place. Another will have to be the host and must be available to proceed to prepare everything in a while, if the bad weather has been triggered in a couple of hours, as is usually the case for these payments.

All aspects that make the success of the celebration in which the birth of Jesus is expected, can be prepared in advance, devoting time to various tasks.Buy the unfailing gifts, decorating the house, making cards, napkin rings and, very important, the choice of the menu.  The only thing that does not depend on the will or desire of diners is time .

Therefore, when Christmas Eve approaches and resolves who will meet and where, there is a question that settles in the mouth of the Santafesinos almost without exception. His answer is not a minor detail, as it ensures success and full enjoyment:  “The table inside or the table outside? ”

Publication Date: 24/12/2020

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