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Poncho salteño: do you know why its colors?

Traditional and famous in the north, the salteño poncho is distinguished by its colors. We tell you his secrets and his story.

poncho salteño

 Ponchos  are not exclusive to Argentine  culture: handmade by men and women, they are a sign of identity of peoples that extend from California to the most remote.  Patagonia  . In the case of the salteño poncho, its famous blood red with stripes and black collar are the colors that identify and give origin to the gauchos of Güemes.

The poncho remains valid to the present day, not only is it a  garment  that harbors, and much, for the northern climates, but it is an identity symbol that prides the wearer. Their production varies and, in some cases, it may take weeks to make one.

 Each province  of northern Argentina has its own: for example,  the tucumano  is brown with piping in red; the Santiago is beige.

 Black and red: why? 

In the case of the Salteño poncho, there are many theories about why it wears those colors. Although there are several, there are two main ones:

  •  Identify the enemy:  One of the theories is that the tradition of coloring the ponchos arose with the need to identify with their allies and, on the contrary, to be clear who the enemies are. It is said that the salteño poncho would have gained greater popularity after  Güemes  designated it as the official uniform for his “infernarles”.
  •  Just a question of practicality:  Another theory, and perhaps less mystical, is the one that identifies the colors of the salteño poncho with the ease that existed in the area to extract vegetable dyes from those colors. Extracted from the  rocu , a vegetable from which the native peoples used to use to dye their garments.

 The salteño poncho and the custom that follows 

 Sal ta is said to be one of the most traditionalist provinces in Argentina. This fame is understood when you walk through its streets and it is common to see people wearing characteristic clothes, such as gaucho panties, hat and ponchos. These garments are the inevitable ones.

Although there is no consensus on why the poncho in this province wears these colors, the salteño poncho is already part of everyone's cultural heritage.

Publication Date: 13/08/2020

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