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Poncho Festival: from Catamarca to the world

A simple textile element became a reference of culture and identification for the Catamarquans who established the Poncho Festival.
festival del poncho
24 January, 2020

Catamarca was always distinguished by its traditional textiletradition. The most outstanding and iconic product not only of its culture, but much of the region, is the poncho. The Catamarcan textile industry is one of the most recognized in the world. The poncho, a distinctive and cultural element, was the first foundation for the emergence of the Poncho Festival.

The poncho represents Catamarcan culture, its inhabitants, its industry and its art. Enough elements to build from them an image of the province. An identity before the country and the world. The poncho is more than an element to dress and wear, it became Catamarca’s letter of introduction to the world.

The Feast of the Poncho

In 1967 Ramón Brizuela knew how to understand people’s desire to build their image in around the poncho. This would also make Catamarca the focus of attention of the country. In July 1967, celebrating the foundation of Catamarca, the official form the Poncho Festival.

Today, according to the Secretariat of Culture of the Nation, the Poncho Festival is one of the four most of the country. On its holiday it also has elements of cultures foreign, which makes it more attractive for international tourism. In the party visitors can enjoy a combination between the samples and the folk festival. These are spaces where the visitor can actively participate and live the Catamarcan culture.

Every July, Catamarca dresses up and waits for thousands of Argentine and foreign tourists at the Poncho Festival. A piece of clothing full of culture that has surpassed its original function. The poncho, besides having a value of celebration and celebration for those who wear it, has a sense of belonging indescribable to Catamarqueños.

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