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Persian: good, nice and cheap

You can buy clothes and all kinds of products. Persian is cheap and varied. A little spurious. But you don't ask that.

El persa: bueno, bonito y barato

Mendoza is a province whose prices, in general, coincide with the national average. Gastronomy is usually a little cheaper, but tourist attractions come to higher costs. Another factor that is analyzed in that regard is clothing. It is very usual for tourists to take the time to see some clothes and take something for their place of origin. In that case you can go to the shopping centers or the microcenter. However,  there is a cheaper option, with more variety and super offers.  The  Persian market . 

Actually, there are several.  All located on General Paz Street, between Spain and Patricias Mendocinas and its surroundings. It's a classic for  mendocines . Go to Persian to buy school supplies, uniform, electronics, sportswear, clothing and hundreds of other things . Many times tourists also add to this proposal.

The labyrinth

These are galleries with the entrance and exit, side by side. It is that you enter through a sector and  walk through a large gallery or corridor, between the shirts, trousers, televisions and stuffed animals. Among  voices  that, desperate, offer their products . They're trying to persuade you to sell. At the end of that aisle, a bend. More local. This is a shorter sector. Another bend, and we start the corridor back, with the exit in sight, forming a kind of horseshoe. The same thing is repeated:  premises with walls, central table and front full of the products that each has for sale. So overbursting with products are these places that it is hard to find the seller.  

 The merchandise is not original there. That's an open secret. However, many are happy to buy identical replicas for one-third of what the legitimate version costs.  The clearest example is given with sportswear. The fake T-shirt of  River  or Boca. Or cheap imitation sneakers. That's the most common thing you can get. Obviously, no invoice is asked here and the price can be haggle, although, usually, sellers stay tight on the displayed prices.

Publication Date: 29/10/2020

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