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A team dance with technical director. Something like that would be the pericon. Minimum with two couples, but if there is more better.

A team  dance with technical director. Something like that would be  the pericon . To start, at least, there must be two  pairs  (four players), although, the more they are, the more fun and picturesque the dance will be. But, in addition to the dancers, there is another protagonist of the scene: the  pericon itself.

As we said, the  pericon would be like the DT of the team. Also called  bastonero , he is responsible for guiding the  dance , announcing to a vivid voice the figures that dancers must form.  “ Aura!  ” (in Creole: “now”) is the order that comes out of your mouth to indicate the exact moment for each movement. However, not anyone can be  pericon - this should be chosen with great care, because from his ingenuity depends the success of the dance.

He is said to have enjoyed it from a teenage   Sarmiento   (in his book Recuerdos de provincia he tells that he danced pericones with his teacher Father Don José de Oro) to    San Martín  , who dispersed him along with his army throughout the territory of the Rio de la Plata. That the peasants and the aristocracy danced in an indistinct way, and that its moment of greatest splendor coincided with the time of Independence. Not for nothing the dance ends with couples wandering their celestial and white handkerchiefs to the cry of a fervent “Long live the homeland! ”.  Long live! By the time of the thousand eight hundred and eighty its popularity declined.

A dance that is still alive

Despite the years and time elapsed since it was danced in meetings and parties, today it is still a traditional national dance. And this is why in school events it is interpreted to remember the time of which it was a part. The homeland numbers represented by students from all over the country are a classic setting where you can still enjoy seeing it. Choreography is not simple, but the work of  children  and teachers honor it. Did you know that pericon was declared intangible heritage and national dance in 2007 by the National Congress?

How to dance the pericon?

We share a choreography of the web  to represent the pericon in school events.

 Entrance walk: Forming two equal groups of couples enter the arm, walk to the beat of the music. The line of the countrywomen goes on the outside side.

 Swing: The pairs are placed facing in two rows, with the arms in bow at chest height start dancing with swings from left to right in the order of “swinging”.

 Back and forth (mirror) At the order of “mirror” the man raises his right hand and takes his companion's right hand; he passes his left hand in front of himself, takes the same of it and make a turn in its place, then remaining in the starting position.

 Windlass : The countryman kneels and with his right hand turns the Chinese around him. The women's line is on the inside. The Chinese is taken slightly from the skirt

 Valsecito : At the order of valsecito the male links his companion and dance the waltz forming all the children a round.

 Two rounds: When the order of “two rounds” is given the couples are released. Girls move towards the center of the circle to shake hands and form an inner wheel. Males also form a wheel but outside and take hands.
The wheels rotate in opposite directions.

 Basket: When the boys meet their companions, they are located to the left of them and at the order of “basket” the boys raise their arms without letting go place them in front of the girls at the waist level and turn all to the right. In this position they will spin until the order of “basket outside. “.

 Form the national pavilion : Formed in two rounds, they untie the handkerchief and take it from the two ends, to the order of “National Pavilion”, the children are placed behind the babes and lift the handkerchief, thus forming the national flag. They can scream loudly, LONG LIVE LA PATRIA!  

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