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Patio Olmos: from “Yes can” to “Alberto president”

Córdoba celebrated the triumph of Alberto Fernández. But he celebrated the closing of Macri's campaign before. And all in Olmos
Patio Olmos
26 January, 2020

Compared to other provinces, the Peronist celebration was somewhat reduced. However, the meeting point was the usual one: the Patio Olmos. Place of celebration, demonstration and meeting, this space is the excuse. With any event: a superclassic, national strike, marches for women’s rights and dissidents or for labour rights, Patio Olmos is full of Cordoba.

On this occasion it was for the triumph of the Front de Todos. Choripan and beer sale. Conservatives full of food left over at the celebration. The ones few Cordobes who bet on Peronism at the polls met on Sunday post-election to celebrate.

Politically speaking, Cordoba is a complex province. With revolutionary ideals, but always within the framework of conservatism. Its complexity leads her to be the rebel sister of the country’s provinces. It’s against the tide. And that’s good sometimes, and sometimes not. Sometimes it marks the trend of struggles that are generalized, sometimes it makes a difference in matters that are not convenient.

The celebration was not only of those who support the Alberto-Cristina formula. The previous week, during the closing of the campaign, those who made the party were the macristas. In the same streets as the Kirchnerists gathered to celebrate victory, last week there was a group of people singing the “Yes Can”.

Patio Olmos

The province of Córdoba has a clearly marked trend, which was reflected in the polls. But it also has a facility for the celebration. That’s why, whoever wins, the Olmos would be packed just the same.

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