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Only for the brave

The International Piranha Fishing Championship in Missions will be on February 23 at the edge of the Paraná River. Do
| 20 February, 2020 |

A piranha fishing championship? Are you sure? Piranhas? These are questions that should be asked right now by those interested in the Piranha Fishing Tournament in Missions. The answer is yes.

The Pirá Pytá Fishing and Nautical Club offers a new edition of the Piranha International Fishing Championship. The event will be held on Sunday 23 February at the mouth of the stream Itaembé, on the Paraná River. The modality will be shipped, from 08:00 to 13:00. Registration will cost 2,000 pesos and three participants will be able to compete for each team. The meeting usually brings together fishermen from all over the region and this year seeks to exceed sports and generate a family space.

Piranhas: an undeserved bad reputation

All to be who has seen at least one piranhas film in cinema shares the same image. The one to die torn apart by fury of small fish, nibble to nibble, in a matter of seconds. Some experts speculate that about 500 piranhas would take five minutes to to strip the flesh of an 80-pound human.

Calm down, fishermen! Not to be scared! Piranhas attacks are little common. Basically they happen if they feel threatened or hunger squeezes. In addition, the fatal attacks are rare and usually reduced to a pinch in the feet or hands. A heartbreaking death caused by these fish is more of horror films than reality.

On the other hand, piranhas live in banks, but they do not use any collective strategy to hunt. On the contrary, the formation of groups is a defense strategy, they move grouped to protect themselves from predators. And while piranhas are famous for devouring meat, they also feed on seeds and other plant materials. In fact, there are species that are vegetarian.

To respect the rules that piranhas are all about…

The Fishing and Nautical Club Pirá Pytá, from its Facebookpage, shares the regulations of the Fishing. The regulations invite fishermen to have a dignified behavior and a sporting spirit. It also stipulates that vessels must comply with the provisions of the Argentine naval prefecture regarding safety. Fishing must be carried out from boats anchored or moored, with a maximum of 6 reeds or wetters per boat. Something important is that the bait will be free.

With for piranhas species that can be fished, there are only two allowed. Serrasalmus Aurey (Girl or Painted Piranha) and Serrasalmus Marginatus (Piranha Brava or Pacú-I) The sorting will be per team to the greatest number of pieces. One point per piece and an additional point will be awarded for each kilo. In case of tie: major piece and, if the tie persists, the draw will be drawn.

Do you want to participate?

From the Subcommittee on Fisheries emphasize that the tournament is open to all and that interested parties can be informed at the Club Secretariat, whose Contact phone is: 0376-4462063.

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