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November without you... but with peanuts

November without you it tastes like peanuts peeled, peeled, salted or unsalted... It tastes like peanuts of all kinds. We tell you why.

Fiesta Nacional del Maní

 November is the month of the National Peanut Festival.   It's not the classic November without you anymore , now it's November with peanuts. This celebration is held religiously every year, becoming a unique celebration and infecting the whole province with its flavours and festive spirit. The venue of the festival is a city in the  Tercero Arriba department, Córdoba province.  It could not be otherwise, as this city was declared the city of peanuts.It is located  in the Pampas plain,  a region of Argentina with a great agricultural and livestock development  and with soils of maximum aptitude for the cultivation of peanuts.hellip; you guessed what it is?

what is it about

 This is the town of Hernando!  This  national festival is celebrated in this territory, which is one of the oldest traditions of Cordoba.  In this year 2020 would be celebrating  its 65th edition.  Over time it became  a symbol of cordoba and an event that we all expect. Each edition has its special feature as it  is constantly updated to attract all kinds of audiences.  This meeting takes place in the central square of the town , with a huge stage  where  presentations and shows are held.  

Like almost all Argentine traditions,  this peanut tribute  features  a food court offering a variety of amazing options.  With several  food trucks  that sell  regional dishes and drinks of all kinds.  Of course,  products based on honored food are marketed.  Peanut pastes, peanut creams, praline among many other things, it is also a family event in which everyone can participate.  The Fiesta has a space for the little ones, with games and lots of fun options . This year is scheduled for the weekend from Friday 13 November until Sunday 15. However,  at this juncture it is most likely  that  only a part of the shows will adapt to the online mode. 

We have plenty of reasons

 To celebrate our resources and venerate Mother Earth that provides us with fertile and optimal land for cultivation.  This holiday is one of the most popular in the department of Tercero Arriba.  That is why it is an event that is expected all year round.  This is a weekend of  pure pleasure, dance and party.  Always with the support of the Municipality of Hernando, and several production companies that are part of the organization. Peanuts are just one of the reasons to celebrate,  because amid so much culture and custom, we have plenty of reasons.  This festival is part  of Cordoba's folklore. It revolutionizes souls, bodies and the city...

A special year

 The province of Cordoba is the main province producing peanuts: it concentrates 90% of national production.  This year 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the averages increased.However, manisera production is not only in the locality of Hernando. It also concentrates in the departments of Tercero Arriba, Juarez Celman, General San Martín, Union and Marcos Juarez. The highlight of these is Juarez Celman. Its best known towns are General Deheza, Ucacha and La Carlota.  This sector contributes more than 45% of the provincial total in peanut production.  That is why this  industry is iconic in the area. 

 The 2020 crop had excellent yields.   Harvesting conditions  were favorable, this caused losses at the time of final harvesting to be less than average. The total produced by the province (more than 90% of national production) was 16% above the provincial historical average.Provincial yield was 45.1 quintals per hectare (qq/ha), exceeding 36% the historical average of the last ten years.

That is why this edition has  to be much more special . Let's celebrate!

Publication Date: 04/11/2020

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