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National Festival of the Pachamama: a celebration that unites all the Tucumano people

In Amaicha del Valle the National Festival of Pachamama is celebrated. With an ancestral ritual, the Tucumans offer offerings to Mother Earth in February.


Every year, in February, the  National Festival of Pachamama  is celebrated in Amaicha del Valle,  Tucumán . It is considered one of the most popular events in northern Argentina, where the native peoples worship Mother Earth and thank, through offerings, the harvests of the previous year.

The event is open to the general public, and its celebration is considered the oldest in the entire Tucuman territory, and one of the main in the country that has religious-festive  heritage  , according to the Autárquico Ente Tucumán Turismo.

Before the pandemic, in Amaicha del Valle,  artisans , musical groups, gaucha delegations and dancers met, making this place a real feast to the “Queen m& aacute; s wise”: the Pachamama.

This festival coincides with the carnival celebrations. During the event local personalities are chosen who will take care of Mother Earth in the coming months, highlighting the election of the queen of  La Pachamama , as well as the Ñusta and Pujllay.


 Location of the festival 

The venue where the event takes place is located 200 meters from the main square of Amaicha del Valle.

When everything returns to normal and the pandemic ends in our country, you will be able to enjoy the charms that  Amaicha del Valle has . Once you enter this place with its dirt streets, low houses, its arid atmosphere and few inhabitants, you will be able to perceive the tranquility that invades the village and, when the date of celebration of La Pachamama approaches, this place dresses as a party to honor Mother Earth, thank for the harvested and toast its offerings.

With ancestral rituals that are those valued at this holiday, with Tucuman elderly present and young people who are taught this tradition, with the aim of being a transmission bridge, this is celebrated the  National Festival of Pachamama .

Water, flour, offerings, chopped paper, food and wine are the protagonists of this event. In turn, the songs with bagualas, the matchings and the election of the queen, a woman who represents the Pachamama and is accompanied by the   Ñusta, who embodies youth and the young land; Pujllay, the devil of carnival; and the Yastay, the protective deity of animals. The community of Amaicha has this very deep-rooted  tradition  , where Tucumans from different parts of the province visit this place to be part of this ancestral and cultural holiday.

It should be noted that, the event prioritizes women, and highlights the wisdom of the old woman who is elected as representative of La Pachamama, that is to say that she stands out to the wise woman of the place. Let us remember that in 2018, the Council of Elders, which works with the chieftain of the people, elected  Gregoria Naziansena Navarro de Valero  as the Pachamama. At the age of 77, Doña “Goyita”, as locals know her, lived a unique experience, smiling at every moment to the local press chambers when she was climbed to a donkey, wearing a dress that her daughters made from canvas fabric and sheep's wool tassels. In this way, he walked through the streets of Amaicha under the eyes of a whole village covered with foam, chopped paper and flour.

Goyita grew up among the hills, in her youth she was a shepherdess, learned to sing couplas and make tasty jams of quince and peach, and also quesillos, typical foods of the area. She was also a craftsman and spinner, shearing sheep and making blankets and saddlebags, Edith, Goyita's youngest daughter, told the local press.

Excited and happy to be the chosen one, Gregoria thanked those present. After the festival, he was able to visit schools and participate in acts representing La Pachamama.

In this way, the  National Festival of Pachamama is lived in Amaicha del Valle, an event that combines the cultural with the ancestral, a moment to spread the tradition of a people to those who participate in this event, which is recognized by all Argentines.

Publication Date: 29/01/2021

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