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National Festival of Frutihorticulture: blessed Caroian harvest

We tell you everything about the National Festival of Frutihorticulture, focused on the cultivation of the vine and the celebration of Caroian crops.

 Fiesta Nacional de la Frutihorticultura

 The popular festivals of our country are the root of the many feelings of our people.  In these meetings  they claim, remember and celebrate past and present with their identities.   In these celebrations, memory and history are breathed. Each National Festival is a source of  diversity, creativity and enjoyment , and that is why knowing them builds us as Argentines. In this note, we tell you all about one of the  Caroian and Cordovan celebrations  par excellence:  the National Festival of Fruti-Horticulture.  

 National Festival of Frutihorticulture

This festival  is traditionally celebrated after the harvest of the vine  along with the Provincial Harvest Festival. It is a meeting where the aim is to exhibit and make visible the fruit-horticultural potential of the central area of the province through a set of artistic and recreational activities. Above all, this tradition focuses on  recognizing the work of the thousands of producers in the region  who  leave their life and soul in each collection , and become one with the field.

The origin

 The origin of this celebration was given in 1939,  when the first celebration was held to pay tribute to the productive activity of the vineyards of the region. This holiday usually takes place in March,  once the harvest is over.   Its duration varies according to the edition and can be extended over a week. And,  due to the kinship  between fruit-horticulture and vine, this National Festival symbolically joins the provincial celebration that  honors the harvest and harvesting of grapes.  

Much more than fruit-horticulture

Like every Argentine event, during this stage of celebration there are stages where  numerous renowned artists and live shows pass. The unfailing presence?  Local musicians and national transcendence.   The event also includes the presentation of allegorical groups linked to the theme of the vine. In addition, visitors delight in long-awaited rites such as the  blessing of fruits and the traditional parade of floats  .  Agribusiness exhibitions  are also held in which the various products of the region are proudly exhibited. These  expo  serve as a contact area between multiple producers and are consolidated as a space for  mutual training among farm workers.  

History of a tradition

The National Fruit Horticulture Festival, which today has a history  of more than twenty-three editions , was split for the first time from the Provincial Harvest Festival in 2012. One of the main objectives of this event is to transmit  cultural traditions  from generation to generation through various manifestations such as  language, dance, food and religious rite.  Its organizers start from the concept that collective festivities are  primary events for family reunion and are the exponent of the culture of a people.

The celebration is usually closed with the election of the  National Queen of Frutihorticulture and Provincial Harvest.  A characteristic practice of all national festivals, which has been reviewed by society. Contests, exhibitions and ballots are prepared around this election  in which the whole town participates.  This event is one of the most representative in the area  and consolidates itself as one of the most important national traditions.  

 National Festival of Frutihorticulture


Publication Date: 03/03/2021

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