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Milk, a party very ours

Few things are as Argentine as milk production. In a town in Santa Fe, this is celebrated with a big feast.

La leche, una fiesta muy nuestra

An important National Holiday to  honor  milk producers is held every year in Totoras, Santa Fe. The meeting has a religious ceremony, shows, cheese competition and numerous exhibitions.  Delegations from different locations of the country arrive to the party  and as a final attraction is the election of the Queen of the Milk, an artistic show and fireworks.

The National Milk Festival  offers a complete schedule of activities : training seminars for producers, workshops for veterinarians cycle of lectures in dairy with renowned professionals. As well as live cooking workshops, artisanal cheeses competition from SMEs in the region and cheese tastings.  Alternatives such as swine farming, beekeeping, cuniculture, dairy industries and metallurgical industries are also exposed .

Since its inauguration in 1966  , more delegations from different locations in Argentina attend each edition  to show the latest developments in the sector. This shows that the milk festival has been winning in visitors and in  quality  in terms of the events offered. Today the festival has a varied program of activities for the whole family. Unión Fútbol Club is still the place where the party takes place, in a property of chord dimensions for the installation of the main stage. There are also  business, artisanal and gastronomic stands , a comfortable access and an ideal space to accommodate almost 5000 visitors from origin and other localities.

Part of the agenda of the celebration is aimed at producers, technicians, traders, teachers and state authorities. That is why the organizers offer numerous meetings:  training seminars given by renowned professionals ; veterinary workshops; master classes; cheese tasting; lectures on associativism for small and medium-sized enterprises, among others

 Diversify to grow even more 

In recent editions, the Blue  Cheese  Festival has been added, declared of tourist interest by the Ministry of Tourism of the province of Santa Fe. The Cheese Contest  is the most innovative point of the event,  which aims to create an annual meeting space to exchange information and improve the quality of the products.

Another good part of the program is linked to music and dance.  Musical artists such as Alejandro Lerner, Abel Pintos, El Chaqueño Palavecino, Los Nocheros, Los Huayra, the duo Pimpinela, Daniel Torres, among others have passed the festival stage . The humor was in charge on several occasions by Miguel Ángel Cherutti and Carlos Sanchez.  Dance is also not absent . The Municipal Ballet of Totoras and the town of Correas are some of those that are regularly present at the party. All this without forgetting the election of the National Queen of Milk, where the participants perform different passes through the stage until in the last days the winner is chosen.

The closing is carried out by the organizing committee and the municipal authorities. The  winners of the cheeses and queen contests are named. Finally, after the official closing of the exhibition of the different stands, the public, artists and organizers enjoy a  fireworks  show that dismiss this edition.oacute; n and, in turn, preannounces a good omen for the next.

The village of Totoras, is only 50 kilometers from Rosario. It is reached by national route number 34. Founded in 1875,  livestock and agricultural production has dominated the economic scene of Totoras  since then.

Publication Date: 02/10/2020

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