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Messages to the rural settler

In Patagonia, the Messages to the Rural Village form part of a radio microspace. They play a fundamental role in communication between the inhabitants.

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Have you ever wondered  how the most rural and inhospitable areas of southern Argentina receive the news ? Message to the Rural Village is the name of a  radio space that has been transmitted by AM frequency (LU - LRA) for more than 60 years  in Argentine Patagonia. Thus,  six times a day, on Radio Nacional Esquel, LRA9, LU17, LU 4, LU20, LRA 30 and other stations in this region, information requested by those living in non-urban areas is provided.Therefore, it is considered  one of the most important communication spaces in the area .

In some cases, through Messages to the Rural People, rural areas manage to communicate with each other and with nearby cities. As well, this look of rural dwellers allows citizens of larger cities to understand the reality of those living in the long world.

 What kind of news do they spread in the radio space? 

The topics transmitted by the  radio space  Messages to the Rural Village of Patagonia  are very varied, and require a trained ear  to capture all the information that each one contains. We must recognize that everyone is important and essential for those living in rural areas!

Now, what kind of news is spread in space? We tell you about some of them:

  •  Weather and temperature of the day : It communicates whether that day will rain or there will be a storm, or what kind of precipitation will occur.
  •  Solidarity Helicopter Information : Usually when a storm strikes, they are told that a helicopter will fly over and deliver medicine and food.
  • News about  missing animals, or also found .
  • In this space,  information about travel reasons is provided, whether for family visits, fun or business.
  • News about  family ties , e.g., reports when a baby is born.
  • Also about  obituary news : Messages that report the loss of a friend or family member.
  •  Information about transports that will pass through specific points  to leave or withdraw parcels, or also people.


All these messages are transmitted by the immense  Patagonia , in the form of  microrelatos full of ruralism and even poetry  for some. Often  “The rural messenger” becomes radio letters, which are transmitted in a fragmented way to the inhabitants. 

Many times these messages spontaneously surprise those who travel the extensive routes that cross the region.  Patagonia  is so large that it has many isolated and sparsely populated areas. And the questions of those who have nothing to do with echo these messages filled with hope, information, and sometimes bad news.

 These messages in the voice of the broadcaster come to life, whether they are celebrating, announcements, shearing, concern about illness or loss of someone you love.  When there are storms, warn of roads and routes that cannot be traveled. When there is drought and rain, the rural messenger says how much water fell, turning this event into celebration. Or just friendly greetings and memories of those who have shared the place at some point in life.

 The mythical of the micro transcends the ages, making it a key space for communication and information.  The memories of the messages are also part of folklore and are positioned in the common listener, as a character waiting for the Messenger as part of the journey. A companion in the distance!

 The voice of the rural messenger of Patagonia is an accomplice and mischievous . It is clearly a medium that  uses jargon only for connoisseurs  looking to know or make known, and collaborate with those who are not in the same rural area. It is a radio space that connects rural communities for over 60 years! 

Publication Date: 27/09/2020

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