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Meet the bricelet party

A holiday is held in honor of the bricelet in a town of Santa Fe tradition. To what? Find out what it is.

Conocé la fiesta del bricelet

In Colonia Belgrano, San Martín department of the province of Santa Fe, the Provincial Festival of Bricelet is celebrated. To get there you can go along the  Santa Fe-Rosario  motorway to Arocena, there go west to Gálvez, then to Lopez and finally to Colonia Belgrano.  It can also be reached by National Route 19 , turning south to Santa Clara de Buena Vista.

The traditional event aims to pay tribute to the founders of this town in Santa Fe and to rescue its cultural heritage. The event brings together annually between 2000 and 2500 people. It is organized under the slogan “All by colony Belgrano. The small towns work for the aggrandizement of the Province and  the Fatherland .” As in many other regional celebrations, allegorical performances with dances are held in this festival. These are  representative of the native nations of the first settlers; there is also a  popular dance moment, with orchestras from the area. During the day, all this is accompanied by exhibitions of the artisanal and industrial products that are made in the locality. The call is in the local square, where  visitors are greeted with the warmth of a small village . Tourists have at their disposal shows for the whole family, which add to a  varied range of typical dishes. 

One of the aspects that highlight the villagers is the fusion of experience and capacity that characterizes the work of the organizers. In addition, they always emphasize that this is a very  familiar holiday. It's a profile they intend to maintain. “We open the door to the region, to all Santa Fe and surrounding provinces,” the locals smile.

 All very, but very nice.  But... what is a bricelet?

 Swiss tradition 

The bricelet is a Swiss masita that has figures embodied on its faces, made with  a special iron that is the breezletera . Its recipe was brought by the first settlers of Colonia Belgrano who arrived from Europe.

Similarly, the term “bricelet” refers to those foreign  words  with family warmth. The bricelet is that handful of hopes of a handful of families. The baggage of golden and silver dreams of grandparents. The  Belgranan historical heritage.  Synonym of Colonia Belgrano

This dry and sweet masita is a central part of Swiss customs . It is made with butter, eggs, flour and sugar , to which can be added, according to taste, lemon and orange peels, anise or vanilla. It is traditional, until today, after 130 years, among all the families of Colonia Belgrano, who all have their breezletera.

So much attraction causes the bricelet in the new party attendees that, for upcoming editions, they plan to add something very special.  They project a moment dedicated to showing the present each of the steps of the bricelet elaboration process  .

They say that Colonia Belgrano owes its name to the first settlers who founded the town, who were surprised by the excellent quality they achieved with their crops. For this reason they proposed to inscribe it as  “Bel Grano”,  an Italian language phrase meaning “beautiful grains”. Clearly, the registry officials were wrong or failed to approve the use of the foreign language and “renamed” it as “Belgrano”. It should be noted that the surname of the father Manuel Belgrano has exactly the same origin.

These first settlers left as legacy customs, expressions, religions and meals, including bricelet.

Publication Date: 21/07/2020

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