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Evening of Mates in the Park

Mate is an Argentine tradition. General San Martín Park is the preferred green space of Mendoza people. Mates in the park, the perfect plan.

Parque San Martín Mendoza

Mate is one of those things that goes through all Argentines alike.  We all speak Spanish, we all like asado and we all drink mate.  To a greater or lesser extent, but mate is not missing in the vast majority of households, and Mendoza is no exception. However, the context in which the mate is taken is quite a subject.  At work?At home?With friends?Alone?On the balcony?In the open air? And the answer to these questions is what has constituted a tradition for Mendoza people. It's just that, here, the plan is   to take mates in  General San Martin Park. 

Obviously everything will depend on the time and time you have to carry out the practice.  Of course, Mendoza also take mates while we work, study or watch television.  But, whenever the circumstances occur, tradition urges us to summon some friends by the WhatsApp group, invite our relatives or go with our partner to the green space par excellence that exists in Mendoza to have some mates in the park.

The plan

 Blanket or tablecloth and  matte equipment. No more is needed . Some will activate in time and take some biscuit or cookies. However, it is not necessary to worry too much about the accompaniment for mate because  there is never a lack of the right street vendors who offer cupcakes,   sopaipillas  and other kind of homemade meals.

The plan is simple: we lay in any space of the thousands of square kilometers that make up the park and give free rein to the round of mates. Usually people drink with this plan on weekends.  Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning and afternoon . The atmosphere becomes familiar and warm. The landscape accompanies and anecdotes, mobs and news are the order of the day.

Thus, we will become a focus of envy. From the envy of runners who also choose the park for physical activity. And they will drool when they see us taste a mate with cupcakes, while they make the mental count of how many calories we are eating and how many are burning. Finally,  different realities that give us our beautiful General San Martín Park.  

Publication Date: 04/10/2020

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