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Malabrigo: synonym of citrus

Dispossession competition, citrus day and a bicycle ride are the events organised by this Santafesina town to celebrate the production of citrus.

despoje de citrus Malabrigo

The best citrus fruits of Santa Fe, and several provinces, are in Malabrigo. The production of oranges and  tangerines  in the northern town of Santafesino, logically, declines that the Citrus Provincial Festival is celebrated here every year. It competes, at the national level, in the lead with the great producers  such as Concordia (home of the National Festival) and Tucumán.

The celebration usually takes place in June. This year, for obvious reasons, the realization was on a smaller scale and in a virtual way. This great meeting, which  attracts visitors from all over the country,  is organized by the Municipality, the Commercial and Industrial Center, the Agricultural Cooperative of Malabrigo and  Cultivators  of Malabrigo.

It all starts with a big bike ride. Boys and  adults walk the streets of the village, while using sustainable transport .

In the following days there are  two very particular activities : the Despoje Competition and the Citricultural Day.

Like every big party, it ends with a great meal with dance and  national level shows. 

 Popular holiday traditions 

The Despoje Contest is the hallmark of the Citrus Festival. It consists in  removing or stripping as many tangerines or oranges  in a certain time, and it is the winner who harvest more kilos. For a couple of years, women's participation has been incorporated.

When I was told about this contest, I figured the winner was getting 10, 20, 30 oranges, tops. I missed him by a lot:  the last winner raised 40 kilos  of tangerine. The event is held every year in a different fifth, always rotating between properties of locals.

Regarding the Citrine Day, it is a true congress of  specialists . Professionals working on  citrus issues  come to this city from all over the country to exchange talks, presentations and workshops.

Hopefully  next year we can head to the north of Santa Fe , to eat citrus, other ricuras, and spend ten in Malabrigo.

Publication Date: 31/08/2020

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