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Let's walk the craftsmen

As a repeated figure, the artisans fair of the city of Paraná does not age and beats hard in our hearts.

a feria de artesanos

We could think of it as a simple visit, but  it's much more than that . Previously it was done in the Pedestrian San Martín, then in the Plaza 1° de Mayo. Subsequently, the Municipality moved it to a sector of the low coast. In the port to be more accurate. The  artisans fair  is full of people from other places, but in the  Entrerrian capital  it has all its  identity . One that is not erased.  That mixes the old known with reinvention .

Thus, every year we can see irons, which are then covered with tarpaulins to finally become carps. That's a hundred of them. One behind the other, they do not allow you to visualize where the route ends. We meet her at least  three times a year : July holidays, Easter and Christmas holidays. Even some Children's Day was also present.

 A header phrase 

 “ What do we do this weekend?What if we go to the craftsmen? ”,  are recurring prayers  between families,  friends  and couples. This is not a place where paranaense is going to buy, but rather to  share . It's a  tradition  we all  grew up  with. Since we were young, we're used to having our parents take us for a walk.

Then, when we get bigger, we repeat the sequence with other nuances. Also, it is a  good maze  to sink into when you are looking for a  moment alone  . Of course, the products on display are part of the  appeal . However, its  special essence  lies in that it unites us, it  finds us  .

 Outside and inside 

Outside there are countless  food stalls , especially  street vendors .  “ Garrapiñada, cotton candy” , you can hear them  singing like a song . And you see them in the distance, with pieces of blue, yellow and pink clouds inserted into a thin wooden stick. It's easy to remember because they usually have some splinters that prick their fingers. Although it doesn't matter, because  they taste like childhood  and that moves.  Breads with greaves, churros and  fried cakes are  also offered. Fortunately, access with  food  is allowed. Otherwise we'd be lost.

 It is never possible to decide where to enter . It can be done from either end, or directly in the middle. Locals know how to be strategic with schedules so as not to encounter the collapse of people. Although there are those who choose to go on a Sunday to do social.

In the crowd we will observe more than one  familiar face , we already attended with that idea. Either way, it feels  comfortable . The  smell of incense  abounds in every stretch and  loud murmurs  stick to the ears. It's true that sometimes he gets stunned. But clearly it's something we can live with, otherwise we wouldn't even be willing to step on its ground.

 Paranaense custom 

 Elementary and decorative products . Entrepreneurs and stalls from other provinces willing to tell their  stories  with enthusiasm. Let's not talk about the  precious stones  that shine with their  vibrant tones  and powerful energies. Each with its different properties and set in alpaca or silver arrangements. Hand-painted paintings  , jellies  of every taste and roast boards with the  most original motifs.

It is  difficult  to leave  empty-handed  after so many proposals before our eyes. Craftsmen are available throughout the day. From the morning to the last hours of the night. But everything has an end and, as they arrive, they leave . We say goodbye to them with the joy that we are going to see each other again.  And that's how it's going to be .

Publication Date: 12/10/2020

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