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Get to work and let the party begin

The National Craft Festival takes place every year in Columbus and the stories behind the objects bloom.

Fiesta Nacional de la Artesanía

During the second week of February, the town entrerriana lives  nine nights of celebration  and  artistic demonstrations  . It all started in the 1970s, with small samples of  handicrafts  on the doorstep of the municipality and Washington Square. Over time, it gained popularity and became the convening space for the  best crafts  in the country and Latin America. Finally, in 1986 it came time to climb a step and obtain the category of  National Holiday .

Although its location has undergone modifications, since 1990  Quirós Park  was installed as the headquarters where everything happens. There, countless stands are deployed where the products are exhibited and put on sale. Details and dedication can be perceived in the diversity of materials intervened by  artists . Below the surface are stories, moments, creativity and efforts waiting to be told.

The logo that represents the fair is the  spinning wheel , a spinning machine. His choice is not the result of chance, but speaks of  artisanal resistance  to industrialized products on the market. It is the essence that its organizers do not intend to miss. Even, its duration is also thought around the operation of this historic tool. Each day means a turn of its own, since it materializes the  identity  of the participants.

This instrument also takes the form of the maximum award that exhibitors can receive. It is a recognition of their work and come in two types: gold or silver. In this sense, the latter are intended for Master Craftsman, Qualified Craftsman and Craft Production. Only if you access any of them will you be able to continue in the race for the golden. Whoever wins has secured the ticket to the next edition.

 Culture and crafts, two main concepts 

The relevance of this celebration lies in the  diffusion of representative creations  of our country, always supporting the techniques and the native motifs, both Argentine and Latin America. In this context, the  minor arts  are the ones that stand out. It works with inputs extracted from nature such as wood, stone, glass, clay and metal. All in order to give life to objects that have their own style.

Among the activities offered, we find conferences, sports competitions and musical and dance shows. The genres are varied and the grid is also. We can find rock, pop, cumbia and folklore. Artists such as Abel Pintos, Luciano Pereyra, La Vela Puerca and Los Auténticos Decadentes have circulated on stage. In addition, it has the new accession of the Peña de los Artesanos, where local and regional characters are presented. Everything in the company of a  gastronomy  with varied flavors and samples of microentrepreneurs in the area.

 Cultural objects  will always be susceptible to being  resignified  . It doesn't matter if it's a handmade guitar or a vase. Submerged in them there are processes that add even more value than economic. Tradition, customs and changes in becoming protrude at its edges. There are those who come from far away longing to be heard through their interventions. Others, on the other hand, are from the surrounding area and want to show what they know how to do. That's why this party is an  ensemble of roots  that its participants don't get tired of seeing.

Publication Date: 17/08/2020

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