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Dressage and Folklore Festival of La Paquita

We tell you all about the tradition that is about to reach its quarter of a century. You can't miss this festival in La Paquita.


Between music festivals,  summer , dressage or folklore the Cordobeses, we spend our life. Thousands of localities have their  traditions rooted  and organize new editions of the same events  every year  . Always to preserve the  Argentine customs  we love so much. And to continue building  an identity  that knows no borders. That's why every year the municipalities renew the bets. This year, for example, will once again be held the  Festival of Dressage and Folklore of Family and Youth in La Paquita . This town is located in the department of San Justo. And every first Saturday of March he plunges into a day of pure  dressage and fol  k  lore .

The organizers are from the committee belonging to the  La Paquita Cultural and Sports Association . And, in this 2020, they present  the 44th edition of this meeting . The grid of shows will be composed by Javier Brochero, Los Sanavirones and Chamameceando on Fridays, among others. There are always surprises when it comes to the festivities  of this place .

 Dressage over all things 

As for the main attraction of the meeting, dressage competitions will be of high category. 60 mounts and 7 tropillas will participate in the event. In addition, there will be competition in the categories bastos and clean mane. All this and much more in the 44th edition of the Dressage and Folklore Festival of Family and Youth. The entire province of Córdoba is expectant about it. In addition, cravings are accumulated, as the 2019 edition  was suspended due to weather conditions . Let's hope we can celebrate this year. Since this is the opportunity for  a weekend of  parades, regional food and music.

Like every year, celebrations start at 18 and continue until dawn. General tickets are around 250 pesos, but there are also distinguished prices for retirees and minors. Are you going to miss it?

Publication Date: 05/03/2020

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