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La generala: a classic of summer

What would become of our beach or pool afternoons without the general? A summer classic that goes through generations and
| 03 February, 2020 |

Why we do some things only at certain times of the year is a mystery. The truth is that, just as we only eat vitel toné at the end of the year parties, in the summer (and especially on holidays) they go out with all the playing cards along with another undisputed classic: la generala.

The general is a game as simple as it is exciting. The general refers to beach afternoons, with sand and mattes. Or a little post-pool nights, little birita in between . It is played as a family, as a friend, as a couple. With a repin that acts as a cloth, to cushion the fall of the dice.

It generates disputes, moments of tension: “ What am I missing? What am I missing?” Generates the unrivaled feeling of having the certainty that luck is on our side, or the mild consolation that “unfortunate in the game, lucky in love” (could anyone check this any time?).

Anyway, the generala saves us when leisure is about to become boredom, the winds that would fly the cards and pass through generations. But when summer comes to an end, he returns to the drawer, to the cupboard or to the ledge. And there it is, safely stored in a sachet, with the machetes of the past plays, which we keep, one knows why. It awaits us, relentlessly, until the following season, when we dust it off and put it back in the bag, next to the sunscreen and the little eyes.

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