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Is there a typical Santa Fe poncho?

We already know that not all Argentine ponchos are equal. Learn what are the characteristics of the Santa Fe poncho.


Each Argentine province has its own poncho. And each of these  typical symbols of argentinity  has its own iconography and characteristics.

In order to better understand the atavíos that make up all poncho, here is  a small description  of the main parts of a traditional one.

  •  Ñancal:  the hole through which the Chuñai head passes
  •  :  the Wirin fringes
  •  :  the fields decorated with guards
  •  Tue:  the smooth fields

 Santa Fe and the poncho 

With regard to Santa Fe, several historians have theorized about the province's relationship with the very  origin of gaucho.  Some argue that the practice of  vaquería  had its first Argentine expressions in santafesino soil. This would give rise, as early as the seventeenth century, to what we would later call   gaucho  .

Today, Argentine provinces that preserve typical objects and  clothing  , such as Salta, have exciting stories related to their poncho. This is not so the case of Santa Fe. We do know that, in terms of its color, ours is characterized by being blue. They complete their design a red guard and white fringes, as presented in the colors of the  Santafesino banner.

Two pearls associated with Santa Fe and the history of the poncho. One of them is the particular  Brotherhood of the “Order of Poncho”.  The other, a little-known national tradition, which brings together gauchos from all over the country in  Rosario  .

Starting with the Order of Poncho, we are talking about  an organization created by a Santafesino . Dr. Rodolfo Amadel Borzone, who had this original idea with Salteño Juan Carlos Dávalos. The Order of the poncho began with the “emponchamiento” of Jacinto Benavente and Lola Membrives,  subsequently incorporating illustrious personalities  among whom  Benito stand out Quinquela Martin,  Emilia Bertole, Alfredo Bufano, Arthur Capdevilla,  Atahualpa Yupanqui  , Jaime Davalos, Manuel De Falla,  Fernando Fader , Federico Garcia Lorca,  Ricardo Guiraldes and Lopez Buchardo. More here in time, Carlos Menem, Diego Degano, Luis Landriscina and René Araoz.

 Little widespread national meeting 

In line with the national celebrations for  Flag Day ,  a special gauchesca meeting takes place on June 20, in Rosario. They arrive, to the great city of the interior of Santa Fe, gauchos from all over Argentina. There,  they show their typical costumes  and their camperas skills.  Ponchos , hats and panchos are the center of the meeting.

The hosts, the  citizens of Santa Fe, wear in their dress the colors  of the provincial flag: blue, white and red.  

Little press has this unique “congress”. I mean, if we consider that this is a special  opportunity  where, among other things, we can learn more about the characteristics of ponchos in each Argentine region.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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The inevitable becoming of the poncho.
Festival-del-PonchoPoncho Festival: from Catamarca to the world

Publication Date: 15/07/2020

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