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Is there 2021 edition of the National Pera Festival?

The National Pera Festival takes place every year in Allen, Rio Negro.

fiesta pera

Located in the   Alto Valle del Río Negro  ,  Allen is the main producer of pears worldwide, which is why since 1997 the festival celebrating the aforementioned fruit has been held.

That year emerged as a provincial festival and two years later the first edition of the  National Festival of the Pera was held, which brings together a wide audience not only from Allen, but also from other localities that arrive to enjoy the regional shows and national and all the offer set up on the traditional Rubén Darío estate, belonging to the Truckers Union.

Both tourists, authorities and participants highlight the seriousness of their organization from the party, as it demands itself a careful assembly in each of its areas that show respect for those who work, exhibit and visit it.

In addition to the fruit-horticultural shows and producers, the festival held in the town of   Rionegrina   also calls on artisans from all over the country, and a varied gastronomic and recreational offer and the choice of the National Queen of the Pera is made.

Another high point of the celebration is the traditional  Contest of Packers . In it, workers in the packing sheds in the area demonstrate their skills this fundamental task in the packing of fruits that will be distributed in the domestic and international market.

In the 2020 edition, it is estimated that more than 40,000 people came to Patagonian city to enjoy the popular festival among the premises stands and musical shows such as  Coti Sorokin and  The Palm Trees  .

 La Pera Triathlon 

The weekend after the Fiesta, the traditional Triathlon de la Pera is held that summons athletes from all over Argentina who congregate in Allen and that year by year is growing in number of registrers.

 The proposal of the competition includes a circuit that crosses the roads of chakras, in its stages of running and cycling, while the discipline of swimming is done in the waters of the Rio Negro in its swimming stage.  

In its last edition it had more than 260 athletes and 54 teams that arrived from different parts of the country.

 Is there 2021 edition of the National Pera Festival?  

Popular celebrations were the big ones harmed by the advance of the   coronavirus   and there are organizations that decided not to hold the holidays, as is the case of the   Festival of Confluence, in  Neuquén Capital .  

However, Allen's mayor, Liliana Martín, announced that the Feast of the Pera will be held in February - in the calendar was always scheduled for January-, although she clarified “will not be multitudinous” like the previous ones. Anyway, it was warned that everything will depend on the health situation during the month of January.

In that regard, it was anticipated that probably the premises of the Truckers Union. The party will be austere, but the local president considered that “we have to promote the fruit but not in the way we did it before.”

“We must celebrate the possibility of having work and what the harvest means,” Martín said, that the 2021 edition proposal of the National Festival of La Pera will not have a scenario to avoid large crowds of people.

More austere than in previous versions, on a different date and without the scenario that summons the crowds but with the same passion and seriousness as always, Allen is preparing to celebrate the town's main economic engine after a year marked by the crisis caused by the pandemic of  coronavirus .

Publication Date: 17/01/2021

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By: Mufasa 17 January, 2021

Será grande la es pera..? Ja! Muy buena info

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By: Octavio Del Real 27 January, 2021

En respuesta a Mufasa

Muchas gracias!

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