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If you want a citrus, go to Concordia

The Entrerrian town of Concordia is so famous for its citrus activity that it has a party where you will not miss juice.

Expo Citrus

 National Capital of Citriculture , what a level! A medal that is not for anyone, but for  Concordia . Year by year, a  celebration is held  that shows the  importance  reached by the  native citrus sector  . There,  artists, producers and an audience  , both from the city and from the rest of the provinces,  gather  to throw  mandarins  on the roof. It is an opportunity for locals to commemorate their  history  and establish where they intend to go. In addition, key tools are provided so that the industry can continue to grow thriving as it has.

 Between ups and downs, but always celebrating 

By the  mid-1960s  , the department already had the gaze of the whole country, which was due to the  relevance  it had in terms of the  production and marketing  of  citrus . So, in  1966 , the first  National Citriculture Festival took place on its soil. The event was  organized  from the beginning by the  Citriculturists Association  representing all Concordian producers. Although not everything was always in a straight line. In fact, there were  periods  in which the sector  went through crisis  that prevented the regularity of the celebration. But the situation could  be reversed  from  1980  onwards.

From then on, the increase in planted areas generated higher harvests thanks to the demand of European countries. Therefore, already by the  beginning of 1990  the production  gained consolidation  and the holiday was able to achieve its continuity. In the years that followed, the level of call was growing more and more. To the point that,  in mid-2000,  80,000 people were registered. At the same time, the quality and level of artists and shows provided became proportional to the exponential take-off he was developing.

 And it has paid off 

The event takes place  at the Concordia Fair  and is recognized as  Expo Citrus  . Prowling around the place, we can find the general public, producers, technicians, harvesters and packers. In addition,  cycles of talks and forums related to central issues of the  sector are planned throughout its duration. The  speakers  leading the activities are  representatives of public and private institutions  . These cover  topics  such as the adoption of irrigation systems, foreign trade, citrus conversion and associativism.

Of course there is also room for  fun and entertainment . In this sense, during the evenings and evenings the  party  is explicitly dedicated to the  social and     cultural . It does so through  different proposals  that include  recitals and artistic shows  . To begin with, the children's classical dance ballet of the Institute of Art and Movement and the local folk ballet provide the movement. Then, the stage leaves room for the music to vibrate the floor. Some of the outstanding characters who achieved it were Patricia Sosa, Los Caligaris, Los Alonsitos and Memphis La Blusera.

 And what is the most awaited moment?  The choice of the queen.  Unshakable tradition . All applicants, who may be from Concordia or other parts of the region,  parade in old cars  throughout the city. With a waste of sympathy and greeting the population, they show off before juries in search of  consecration . And thus  reign in the land of the citrus .

Publication Date: 22/10/2020

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