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How nice it is to be in espadrilles

By changing the lyrics to the phrase of the song a little, a true Santafesina tradition is faithfully expressed: using espadrilles.


Espadrilles  are not an Argentine invention . Sorry about the disappointment. What's more, they have existed in Europe since the 14th century or so. Old-fashioned. Today, they are still used in Spain, France and some countries of America. But in reality, only Argentines and Uruguayans wear them to go out or for daily use. In that we can consider ourselves owners of  espadrilles . In all other countries it is only used as a traditional item: to represent typical clothes or dances.

Probably, the origin of the popularization of espadrille in our country has to do with its arrival in the  clothes of rural workers . Already into the 20th century, many camp staff found that for the summer it was very comfortable to wear such shoes to replace the huge boots.

Thus, with the extension of its use, the product became a more fashionable item in  urban clothing . Over time, espadrilles became industrialised and added variants in the fabrics and sole, which  is traditionally jute,  but incorporated rubber and other materials “to wear every day”. The jute soles are as delicate as they are, and they are used to go out.

 The espadrille in Santa Fe 

I dare say that in few parts of the country espadrilles are as frequent as here in Santa Fe. There are very cool  Santafesino businesses  , of those that sell nice shirts and chombas for the classic, semi-formal look, that produce and sell beautiful espadrilles. And people consume them a lot, both sexes. Apart from the traditional combination with gaucho panties , children, teenagers and adults santafesinos wear them  with jeans, shirts, bermuda shorts and even with shorts and summer shirts.

So I go for more:  espadrilles are a Santafesina tradition , rather than Argentinian.

Publication Date: 22/09/2020

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