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How is the breakfast of the Argentineans?

The Argentinean breakfast is very different from the rest of the planet (even that of countries in the region). What's yours like? Mate or coffee? Toast or fruit?


The Argentinean breakfast is very different from the rest of the planet (even that of countries in the region). First of all, it is important to clarify that we have the (bad) habit of not having breakfast, or very little breakfast. Our important meals are dinner and lunch, in that order: just the opposite of what nutritionists recommend. In fact, many times we do not even have breakfast: we go to work and there we “bite” something.

But let's focus on those who do have breakfast: what do they eat? The most common thing is to do it between 7 and 9 am on weekdays and later (obvious!) on weekends. Every day we are getting used tobrunch, which is nothing but a cool word to say “half breakfast, half lunch”. On weekdays, we drink to a large extent coffee or latte, second (but very close) matte and, thirdly, tea. If it is at home, the most common are toast with white cheese and some jam or sweet milk, or directly cookies. Cereals are also very common, both with milk and with yogurt. If it's in a bar, the inevitable thing is the croissants and ham and cheese toasts. Although there are still few, every day there are more compatriots who add some fruit.

Portable breakfast

In the big cities of the country, especially in Buenos Aires, it is increasingly common to buy coffee to go and drink it in the collective on the way to work - Yeah . It is true that you gain time (at that time of the morning every second counts, I admit it), but this is perhaps the least healthy option of all: not only do you not eat the necessary nutrients but it is also consumed in the rush.

What about you guys? What do you have for breakfast? Are they fit, traditional or modern? Do you favor a good intake or a few more minutes with the pillow? Welcome to the comments!

Publication Date: 16/11/2019

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