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How did a Santafesino countryman dress?

The clothing of the Santafesinos countrymen has particularities that distinguish it. Tradition inherited from the gaucho that is still preserved in the fields.

paisano Santafecino

When you go through the Santa Fe countryside and go into  the farthest places from cities, towns and places, you discover a landscape in which the monotony of green is only interrupted every so long, with some  stay  or farm, where it is possible today to find the technological innovations necessary for the development of rural activity, but with the limitations imposed by the distance to the populated centers. In these establishments the differences that exist between the owners and the humble employees are perfectly distinguished. They are the latter the countrymen who  keep the  customs  and traditions alive  of the inhabitants of our soil.

Getting up before dawn  and getting close to the fire  that ends the day, looking for the freshness of the well water in summer and always having “saddled” the matte in the cold of a lasting fire are part of the routine.  V  styling the same way for centuries, without modern attachments, too.

 Tradition that endures 

The countrymen of our  coastal  region use, for their daily tasks , a very wide , usually black, panties held by a black or red belt and wide handle with pockets . They wear a  shirt topped by a silk scarf  that hangs like a triangle on their back, but in front it simulates a tie inside their neck. Just for the holidays they wear a sack. Sometimes a  knotted poncho  is placed around the torso, but for the dancer they wear it over the shoulder. While footwear is the same for work as for special occasions, it does not happen with what covers your head. The  typical beret  or the chata cup chambergo are replaced by a high top hat.

The  chinas  look, for the upper part of their dress,  white blouses  with generous neckline that wear  paracintes or tiptoes , with wide sleeves or sleeveless depending on the temperature demands it. They also wear a  scarf to their neck . Its polleras are spacious with flowering, over white breeches and petticoat. A girdle to the waist and black or white  espadrilles  complete the outfit. For the holidays, white polleras look with ribbons and tiptoe ornaments, and shoes with a low heel. The hairstyle is careful, divided the hair into two bands, it is braided by adorning it with flowers on the side.

Being present in some of the activities of our countrymen, whether it be the tasks in the countryside or in the bailantas, is a privilege that  most of the inhabitants of our province do not enjoy , because it is increasingly common for young people to leave their place of origin to seek in the city the satisfaction of their craving for progress. Those who decide to remain are those who allow us to persist the customs that gave  idiosyncrasy  to our people.

Publication Date: 10/08/2020

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