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Esperanza: a roast at the equestrian stake

A party in the interior of Santa Fe brings together two very Argentine passions: roast to the stake and polo.

asado a la estaca hípico

There are several national, provincial and regional holidays that Esperanza has. This small but important town in the center of Santafesino knows how to recover traditions. The party you'll meet on this note is not  wasted . Hundreds of people gather to eat roast, cooked in more than 30 stakes. All in a phenomenal equestrian club where polo shows and horse games are also held for everyone to have fun.

Not everyone does roast at the stake. Basically, because it takes longer than what is done leaning on the grill with the embers down horizontally. The stake is for connoisseurs. Besides, because in a stake you usually roast large pieces like whole ribs. At the Regional Fiesta del asado criollo to the stake, more than thirty couples from all over the country come to compete for the best roast. The others, the audience, pussy. While the grills compete, people taste the best meat, cooked with endless secrets from each chef. Everything is judged by a qualified terna.

The event is organized in the beautiful El Secreto Equestrian  Club , and is usually done during the winter. Delicious food and polo exhibitions are accompanied by live shows by regional artists. He always faces, musically, for the  folklore side. The zambas, chacareras and chamamés pair very well with a sunny afternoon of roast to the stake.

 Surprises, awards and sharing 

The whole Esperancina family and those of several nearby towns enjoy the whole day in the equestrian complex. In addition to the central prize for the best rotissery duo, special mentions are made for clothing, originality in recipes and many more.

As far as the attraction of horses does, walks are made. Those who have no experience are especially invited. The idea is precisely to have a contact with animals, gain confidence and even try some polo stick.

The excuse for the party is very tempting. A traditional roast to the stake. It is composed of entrance chorizo, roast to the stake, salad and bread. People take their own tableware. Logical, for the crowd that has to eat. Something very common about this celebration is that, by its date, the Esperancinos usually use it to use it as a celebration of the Friend's Day .

On a supportive side, organizers always receive donations. The contestants carry non-perishable food, blankets, stockings and clothing to be delivered to public good institutions in Esperanza.

Also, on some occasion this holiday was supplemented by an exhibition of antique cars. The people of this Santafesina region are quite fierrera. Many retain truly collectible cars. Thus, on the sidewalks outside the club, in some editions, vehicles are placed on display. Finally, to the general delight, artisans from the area offer original pieces of decor and accessories in stands arranged by the organizers.

Publication Date: 26/07/2020

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