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Holidays for a rich calorie diet

We present you two festivities from the interior of Santafesino not suitable for those who are on a diet. In Humberto Primo, bagna cauda. In Colonia Aldao, the capeletín.


We talked to you a while ago about others   saint festivities worth visiting   for whoever wants to get fat. To tell you the truth, there are many celebrations in the provincial interior where, if you are on a diet, it may not be recommended to attend.

Beyond the obvious reference to how well you eat, the cities, towns and communes of the province of Santa Fe   are characterized by the warmth of their people   . And especially, for how well these villagers know how to celebrate.

There are many big national meetings, with assists multiplying by several thousand. But there are many more provincial or regional ones. These have much smaller turnout, but perhaps they are richer in warmth and in that magic of showing   true essence of the people and its people   .

This 2020, all dates, or at least winter, are unconfirmed, because of the circumstances we all know and in which it is not worth it to result.

If they can be done, you can go this year. If not, it'll be next, or when you can. What is certain is that you ever have to know   Provincial Festival of Bagna Cauda in Humberto Primo and Capeletín in Colonia Aldao.  

  Piedmontese tradition  

The provincial festival of Bagna Cauda by Humberto Primo is usually held in July. Let's agree that this dish, typical Piedmont heritage, is ideal for eating in cold weather.

  The celebration usually starts early   , with a launch act at noon. Local artists recall, with dances and songs, the epics of immigrants who came to “make America.”

It is performed   election of The Ambassador   , in a competition of several applicants, all in typical clothing.

There is always some priest who blesses the table, the communal president gives an emotional greeting and...   To eat!   Calate last year's numbers: 330 heads of garlic, 60 cabbages, 7 bags of carrots, 8 drawers of green lettuce, 2 drawers of purple lettuce, 100 kg of Brussels cabbage, 5 decks of celery, 8 drawers of broccolis, 15 dozen cauliflowers, 15 kg cherry tomatoes, 25 kg   anchovies (the typical touch of this menu)   , 330 kg of milk cream, 180 kg of bread.

Yes. It's   what is eaten a bestiality   . All accompanied by live shows and all the algarabía of the village.

  Cologne Pasta  

In the small town of Colonia Aldao, every year and on the eve of July 9, the Cooperative of the Bartolomé Mitre School prepares the traditional Provincial Festival of Capeletín.   The event is included within the framework of the Patronal Celebrations   in honor of St Camilo de Lelis.

Always animated by some singular   showman   , cachengue starts type 20 at the Mauricio Barberisa Sports Centre of the Aldao Cultural, Deportivo and Library Centre. Enter the ceremony flags carried by the students of the educational institution that organizes the event. Next, and taking into account the celebration of Independence Day, the stanzas of the Argentine National Anthem are sung. All   a crazy mixture of solemnity and desire to morphar   .

Before, and also as part of the protocol, an important number of Consecrated Queens from all over the region enter the room. Parade the current queen of the Provincial Festival of Capeletín along the track, accompanied by her princesses.   All very well armed to disguise the hunger of the hundreds of attendees.  

Let's go to the most important thing. The menu. At this party you eat cheese tablita, olives, cherries, homemade pickles, cold meats,   capelletines with bolognese sauce   , ice cream dessert, anniversary toast; with carbonated drinks, mineral water, wine and soda.
Coffee with chocolates, fritters, cakes and homemade liqueurs is served at night.

  The whole village goes back to their home round   of so much eating. And not just the village. Authorities, guests and ordinary people from Santa Fe and even other provinces break their diet until Colonia Aldao.

Publication Date: 07/06/2020

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