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Here I start singing

On December 6, the National Day of the Gaucho is celebrated, in honor of the publication of Martín Fierro by
| 06 December, 2019 |

Here I begin to sing,

to the beat of the watchdog

, and

to the man who reveals it

an extraordinary sorrow,

like the lonely bird

with the singing is comforted.

José Hernández
First Stanza of Martin Fierro (1872)

The day José Hernández sat down to write the first lines of El Martín Fierro , he probably didn’t imagine everything that would happen to his book later . The author of the national book of Argentina would surely not have been able to measure the significance of his work. Nor can we imagine that its publication would define, more than 120 years later, the date of National GauchoDay.

Every December 6 , the National Day of the Gaucho is celebrated, with the intention of rescuing and disseminating the Gaucho cultural manifestations. The date was formalized in 1993, through Act No. 24303.

El Gaucho Martín Fierro is a narrative poem written in verse by José Hernández in 1872. The book has a continuation, La vuelta de Martín Fierro, written in 1879. It is considered the national book of Argentina and is known under the generic title of El Martín Fierro. It has hundreds of editions and has been translated into more than 70 languages, including Esperanto and Quichua.

The gaucho of yesterday and today

The origin of the gaucho is the result of the mixture of two civilizations: the European and the native of these lands. The gaucho was a person of great respect and word to fulfill, also known for his solidarity: not for nothing we still say: “Do you make me a gauchada?”.

Today, the gauchos present still wear panties, hat or beret, scarf to the neck, spurs and facon sharpened to the belt. They preserve and defend a tradition which is theirs and everyone, because there are few things that are more representative of Argentina than the gauchos.

That’s why, happy National Day of the Gaucho for all.

If you want to learn about the festivals scheduled for this day, visit our schedule.

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