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Guarani Chess

His name is Yaguareté Koré. It is a Guarani strategy game that continues to be played in the schools of
ajedrez guaraní
| 04 April, 2020 |

Everyone knows strategy games. The best known is chess, but each culture created its own. Guarani chess is called Yaguareté Korá. This is a game that usually have fun on theground andGuaraníchildren. It goes back many years, and today it is a a playful tradition that seeks to go out of indigenous schools.

Unlike chess, Yaguareté Korá doesn’t need much to play it. In Misiones, children do it without a board, only with a few stripes on the floor. For the tiles, simple, easily accessible stones are used, previously selected.

Rules of the game

The board consists of four graphics of the game ta-te-ti assumed that form a large square. To which is added a triangula zone located in the lower part known as the cave (Kora, in Guarani language). At the beginning of the starting 15 dogs (stones) are located at the top end (two boxes complete of the ta-te-ti simile). In so far at the bottom of the cave is places the yaguareté (another stone).

The game starts with a move of the yaguareté. Then it is the turn of the dogs swapping their turn one at a time in the movements. The mission of dogs consists of locking the yaguareté and leaving it without movement. The ones Dogs can’t “eat” the yaguareté, their mission is to lock him up. Instead, the yaguareté to succeed must “devour” dogs jumping above these in the way of ta-te-ti. Whenever I can and one at a time.

Earn the dogs if they lock up the yaguareté and the yaguareté wins if he kills the dogs. If there are 7 dogs (stones) left on the board is already can declare the yaguareté winner since it is impossible to lock him up.

The Yaguareté Kora is a great strategy game that has been transmitted from generation to generation in Guaraní communities. The Yaguareté occupies a very important place in Guarani symbology. It means “the true beast.” It is considered by guaraníes and chacareros a sacred animal. His defiant appearance, strength and steadfast gaze have been, and continue to be, inspiration from myths and legends. Those who dwell on the mountain do not name it because say that, by invoking it, it “appears.”

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