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Greek Festival: all women, all

We tell you all about this Cordoba custom that is the festival Women in the Greek. A unique, inclusive, recreational
festival Mujeres al Griego.
| 31 March, 2020 |

In the framework of every March riddled with spaces, tributes, invitations and exhibitions for women. Extending the 8M as much as you can, because being a woman the rest of the months is very difficult in this society. Celebrating spaces built for and by women, this festival takes place. The Greek Festival, which invites music bands and local artists to share in a unique day. It takes place every year at the Greek Theatre in Sarmiento Park, and invites bands of women and dissidents to share their art.

This meeting is organized by the Municipality of Córdoba. But it appeals to collective organization and the participation of various personalities from Cordoba. The artists grid is made up of bands that are invited through public call. The Greek Festival is armed between a hybrid of genres and bands of all kinds that make up it. Styles linked to jazz, rap, rock and Latin American popular music . Also folkloric and even electronic melodies.

And it’s not just about music, it’s also a fair around the long-awaited event every year. The fair of artisans composed of about 30 stalls. Between crafts, rhythms and struggle, the encounter of the Greek is a hug to the soul. On the page of the event they express that the idea of this festival is “to create a space of visibility for trans people, transvestites, dissidents, women, lesbians and non-binary identities of the local musical ecosystem”. As an encounter, it has a political and necessary tinge, in order to make reality visible. To reopen the world of music, which is usually a closed area, and often machist. with the aim of people who less participate in artistic spaces have a place. For these voices to be heard.

After March, what?

We welcome the fact that these spaces are activated. Let the fight be supported feminist and dissident from State and provincial bodies. However, we we are left with a bitter taste when we learn that the rest of the year there is no trans working quota. Neither much less a female quota in the great shows in Argentina. These are points for further work, and we hope that they will not be forgotten. Do not remain outstanding as rights that are only fulfilled in the month of March.

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