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From Hernando to the country: National Peanut Festival

The National Peanut Festival is held every year in the town of Hernando (Córdoba). It is a unique celebration and we will tell you all the details.

Fiesta del Maní Córdoba

Hernando is a city in the Tercero Arriba department, Córdoba Province. This city is declared  the city of peanuts , since it is located in the Pampean plain, region of Argentina with a  great agricultural and livestock development , and with soils of maximum aptitude for the cultivation of peanuts. And, as it could not be otherwise, obviously, we use these features  as an excuse to celebrate .

To  celebrate our resources  and venerate the Pachamama that gives us  fertile and optimal land for cultivation  . This party is one of the most convenors in the department of Tercero Arriba. That's why it's an event that is expected all year round. It is a weekend with pure  enjoyment, dance and party.Always with the support of the Municipality of Hernando and several production companies that are part of the organization . 

Hernando holds his title as National Capital of Peanut, and he does so  with pride. That's why, in the grids of artists they lead bands that are furor .  This festival is part of Cordoba's folklore. It revolutionizes souls, bodies and the city. For each new edition, there is more and more effort and will. The city of Hernando  gives it all the way,  so that we can all  enjoy.  

 Ever and forever 

The National Peanut Festival is  one of the oldest traditions of Cordoba.The year 2020 celebrates its 65thedition .  And always updating itself to bring together the  most diverse audiences.As a family, with friends or alone, you can spend a weekend of pure joy . 

This meeting takes place in the central square of Hernando, with a  huge stage  mounted, where presentations and shows are made. In addition, there is always a  food court  offering a variety of amazing options. This courtyard is made up of several food trucks that sell regional dishes and drinks of all kinds. There is also a space for the little ones,  with games and lots of  fun options. 

In general, the opening is  free and free entrance. And, depending on the show and the day, the prices of the other days vary .  Shall we go?

Publication Date: 17/09/2020

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