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Formosa and its gastronomic tradition

Formosa Da Gusto is an event that came to stay, showing the gastronomic culture and history of the different points of Formosa.


Formosignos, when it comes to presenting themselves and announcing their origin, say “BeautifulFormosa ”. Its natural capital, its combination of forests and rivers with different tourist projects, justifies this presentation. The tourist development of the Formosignos was not content with promoting places, now it aims to promote their flavors. Something he has successfully achieved with Formosa Da Gusto.

This is a gastronomic fair that has its origin in 2016 by the representative Ramiro Fernández Prati. Formosa Da Gusto is organized on the famous walk Vuelta Fermoza. The event is a door of possibilities for everyone. Formosignos have an important job opportunity, in addition to the dissemination of their culture. Visitors will find flavors, aromas and contexts difficult to find in any other province or country.

The posts represent families, regions and specialties from different parts of the province. Prices are accessible; this means that people do not just look, but consume and live the experience. Fruits, meats, roasts, chacinados, are some of the proposals that we will find. The variety is so great that we can be eating a patty with yacaré meat or a Chipá Guazú. Meals that we can accompany with a beer of bee honey.

Each edition of Formosa Da Gusto increases its visitors, mixing Formosa with tourists. More and more people have the possibility to live directly the Formose culture in flavors and aromas.

Formosa Da Gusto is not just eating

The event not only offers you food, it gives you its history and their culture, and even the knowledge to prepare such dishes. There are stands where leading chefs provide lessons. The author design parade is a great Attractive. The textile industry makes a space between local dishes. No one stays outside, Special School 1 participates in a solidarity parade and inclusive, integrating and developing new talents in their children and youth.

The most fun

One of the most important activities of Formosa Da Gusto is El Sabor de Mi Familia. A space where each family can make their gastronomicpresentation, telling the story of their dish, the products used and the preparation. Nothing to envy the Master Chef participants.

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FormosaVuelta Fermoza, the paradisiacal walk of Formosa

Publication Date: 19/01/2020

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