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Roast Party with Leather in Neuquén

A feast in honor of the asado is held in the Department of Aluminé. There Neuquinos gather to revalue the traditions and customs of the countryside.

Fiesta del Asado con Cuero en Neuquén

In January the province of Neuquén dresses gaucha. The Regional Festival of Asado con Cuero is celebrated every year to reflect the culture and tradition of the pioneers of  Aluminé . Thus, the knowledge transmitted from generation to generation by the inhabitants of the landscapes of the Cordillerana region are revived and shared.

For the Undersecretary of Tourism, Germán Bakker, the Festival has a very special meaning. “ It is a popular festival in Neuquina in which the campera culture and the traditions of gastronomy are reconciled ,” he explained.

The  event  is held at the Julián Parra skills and riders' premises of the Centro Tradicionalista El Cencerro. Place located three kilometers above the northern access of the town, on the left bank of the Ruca Choroy River.

 The mystique of the asado 

Do you know how many roasts are slaughtered per day? According to the organizers, about 25. All animals are bought in commercial establishments in the village in an attempt to favor the local market.

As for the roast, it is run by six families in the department Aluminé and,  as a novelty, this year two women roasts were integrated . Miguel Medina, member of the organization, stressed that “there are  grills  and grills, in a new experience. We wanted women's participation because they accompany men on a daily basis in their rural tasks,” he added.

During the event, the public can taste the traditional  roast  with beef leather, lambs and roasted chivitos. In addition, Creole skills and activities such as capons riderings and creole category can be appreciated. Reins with reins, drums pass, chincana for women, are other competitions in this popular festival.

 Creoles and Mapuches celebrating together 

The Festival also enhances the identity and culture of the city of Aluminé. In recent years, it became a  great attraction for tourists . Visitors from different provinces arrive in Aluminé to get to know the community that has a long history of  integration . Creoles and Mapuches live in society and share their deepest traditions every day.

Publication Date: 17/02/2020

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