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Festival of Jesus Mary: from celebration to death

The Festival of Jesus Mary always brings us joy. It is the most anticipated event; however, this 2020 brought us
| 29 January, 2020 |

The Festival of Jesus Mary is one of our great events. People from all over the country come to our lands to share unique days. Between dressage, roast and folklore, the days are spent. But, this year, there were some conflicts. Two episodes of death and demonstrations against animal exploitation.

This tradition, which has been preserved in many editions, must conform to the demands of the people. Like any tradition, it must aggiornate and generate new dynamics in order to continue attracting the public. This year, his grid of artists included more than folklore: quartet, reggaeton and slow. From the hand of different musicians. However, the adaptations requested by the public are different. Among them, putting aside animal exploitation. And take care of riders from accidents like the ones that happened.

Not with animals.

In this edition, many protectionists shouted denouncing the animal mistreatment of horses. In Córdoba has a provincial law, the 8,952, which declares the rider as a sport. Protectionists appeal to the Government to repeal it. Above all, because of the episode in which a horse died in the middle of the race.

With our horsemen, either

There was also an accident that left Eduardo Argañaraz uninvolved. He broke his jaw in the middle of a dressage. So the Chaco rider was out of competition and with serious sequels. On the other hand, the Festival of Jesus Mary brought another death besides that of the equine. This is the death of a 40-year-old man. Who, in the middle of the horse, was crushed by his horse. Norberto Eric Cossutta was urgently transferred to the hospital. However, he died within a few hours after being beaten several times. In the middle of the festival, they reported: “The National Festival of Doma and Folklore of Jesus Maria communicates with deep sorrow the death of the Horseman of the Catamarca delegation, Norberto Eric Cossutta, 40 years old, who, in the framework of the National and International Championship of Jineteada, on January 13, 2020 at 21:45 hours suffered a thoracus abdomino-pelvic polytrauma with multiple severe fractures, hemodynamically unstable with massive internal hemorrhages”. And they proceeded to suspend dressage the next day, in honor of the rider.

So, this edition of the Festival of Jesus Maria doesn’t just bring us party and fun. This time, he calls for reflection and care of the participants. So that you don’t there are more deaths. So that there is only room for celebration and tradition.

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