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Eternal Pappo: 15 phrases to remember

March 10, 1950: Pappo Napolitano is born


On the day of the anniversary of his birth, we leave you 15 unforgettable phrases of Norberto “Pappo” Neapolitan.

  1. “ The best Argentine guitarist is me and the best international is me when I travel.”
  2. “ I'm not an important person. I'm important as a person, who is different.”
  3. “ In my head I have four buttons. The not listen button, the one to shut your mouth, the one to disappear and the attack button. With that I solve all situations.”
  4. “ The important thing is not to lie.”
  5. “ After I saw God, I didn't drink any more wine. I thought it was verse: it's not verse. There's the shabón.”
  6. “ Get an honest job” (A DJ Deró).
  7. “ If I were storage, my songs would talk about salames, mortadella, cheeses. But no, since I like motorsport, my songs talk about cars... iron, guitars and pretty women, what else for?”
  8. “ The countries of the world that are well, without problems, listen to blues and rock and roll. Countries that fall into disgrace listen to cumbia.”
  9. “ Music is the only way to save the world.”
  10. “ Where silver is missing there is cumbia and where to spare there is punchi.”
  11. “ I am a national rock musician. Rock didn't make it up, but my music is national because it's made here.”
  12. “ I like what I do, as much as what others do.”
  13. “ In rock there is no violence, there is euphoria.”
  14. “ I give a drink to live music, played by humans, to triumph.”
  15. “ I was born a musician, my whole life I devoted myself to this and, despite the ups and downs, I'm still on the route. I'm not going to stop playing.”

Publication Date: 10/03/2019

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