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Epuyén and a meeting of craftsmen that grows every year

The Provincial Meeting of Artisans of Epuyén was born in 1987 and over the years became a classic of the Andean Region of Parallel 42.

In the  Chubutense  town of  Epuyén  , every third weekend of January there is the  Provincial Meeting of Artisans  , which brings together every year more people who enjoy the event, artistic shows and the wonderful landscape surrounding the property fair located in the vicinity of the lake that bears the same name as the village.

Located in the middle of the  Andean Region of Paralelo 42 , Epuyén is attractive for nature lovers who reach  Patagonia in search of peace and adventure, walking its trails between mountains and mirrors of water.

 The first edition of the Provincial Meeting of Artisans was held in 1987, although the initial proposal was very different from the mega-event currently organized.  

On that occasion, it was basically a meeting of residents of the  Cordillerana  town who sought to generate a space to share, show and market the different artisanal products made by themselves. But perseverance and good organization led her to become, first a summer classic of the region, and then to increase its prestige nationally.

Currently, in each edition of the Encuentro there are more than a hundred artisans who participate, through prior supervision to be chosen. They are provided with accommodation and a free place during the three days of the event.

Those three days that the celebration lasts are an invitation to settle in Epuyén, or at least in the nearby towns of the region, such as  Cholila, El Bolson, El Hoyo, Lake Puelo or El Maitén , as the proposal is complemented by a large stage mounted on the premises through which they pass local and national artists of different genres that give variety and rhythm to the evening mountain range.

In addition to the performance of musicians and dance bodies, the food stalls are added to the event, producers of  fine fruit  - it is not worth remembering that in El Hoyo the National Festival of Fine Fruit is held, the more than a hundred artisan stalls, a brewing yard with beers local crafts and a tent with award-winning handicrafts on display for your choice.

In addition, the audience can enjoy craft workshops, recreational activities, artisan forums and the choice of the best place of the Encuentro, as well as the best craft work.

Thinking about the environment, for years the use of  returnable glasses — or at least reusable  that tourists can bring as a souvenir to their homes — has been implemented. How is this? On the first purchase of a drink, an amount is paid for the glass. In case of reconsumption, you can use the same glass. Visitors to the property, when they withdraw may choose to take the packaging, or return it to the place where they bought it and receive the money he initially gave on the first acquisition. A great initiative that helped to ensure that the classic one-liter disposable glasses are not thrown by everyone and, incidentally, tourists take a humble memory of their passage through the Provincial Meeting of Artisans.

On the other hand, a few meters from where the event takes place, is  Lake Epuyén , which invites us to enjoy its waters, a little warmer than the rest of the water mirrors of the region, since it is not fed by glaciers so a dip in summer in those crystal clear waters is a great plan.

Rating: 3.00/5.