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El Calafate vibrated with La Fiesta del Lago 2020

February arrived with La Fiesta del Lago 2020, one of the most important festivals in Patagonia. International, national and regional artists.

As part of the  143rd Anniversary of the Baptism of Lake Argentino , a new edition of the most important festival in the south was held.  El Calafate  (Santa Cruz) was once again the center of La Fiesta del Lago 2020, which  brought together more than one hundred thousand people   in its 9 days. 

 A crazy program !

From 14 to 22 February, Calafateños and tourists from all over the country were part of the VIII edition. Like other years, he brought together important international, national and regional artists.

The Fiesta del Lago 2020 began on February 14 at the  Amphitheatre del Bosque  in the city of El Calafate ( Santa Cruz ). Cumbia singer  Dalila  and musician  Diego Torres  were in charge of opening the first night of the Festival before more than 20,000 people on their first day.

Saturday night 15th brought the first  international artist  to the amphitheatre:  Carlos Rivera  . The Mexican artist unfolded his voice and charm to a crowd of audiences who chanted all his songs. He was also joined by  Grupo Dos Lunas, a native of Río Gallegos.

 Folklore  and  Argentine roots  arrived on the third night with  Los Tekis  . With a  carnival imprint , the jujeños artists made everyone present sing and dance. They were followed by the group  Kepler , from Caleta Olivia, with a trap show. Then it was the turn of the Calafateños groups  Emparchada  and  La Kandonga  .

A torrential rain surprised everyone on the fourth night of the festival. However, nothing prevented people from enjoying the show by Puerto Rican artist  Pedro Capó . The folk band  Alkimia  (from Cdte. Luis Piedrabuena), the trap group  No Flame  (native to the coal basin) and the calafateña band  La Notta  were also part of that night's grid.

 Follow the party! 

On Tuesday 18, the Lake Festival again received  Kapanga,  who had already been present in previous editions. In addition, the band of the moment:  Destino San Javier  displayed the best of  national folklore  . They were joined by the calafateños of  El Pueblito,   Pablo Lim  and  Animals Ska & Jazzy  .

Prior to the central show of the night of 19, Juan Amaya and the groups of Rio Gallegos:  One Single Vez and Eclipse made their presentation. The jewel of the night was  Los Caligaris , who brought joy,  humor , color and dexterity to the amphitheater.

The last three nights of the Fiesta del Lago also had important figures of music. The rock band  La Beriso ,  Nicki Nicole ,  Wos, Duke, Mau and Ricky, Ciro  and Los Persias were some of the main figures of the festival.

 Other side activities 

During the nine holidays, other activities were held in parallel, which also added a lot of public.  Sports activities had a great prominence . Beach volleyball triathlon tournament, mountain bike competition, a sample of skate, enduro, cross running competition, nautical raid, horse racing and Calafate Corre were some of them.

In addition, there was room for the usual  career of waiters and a cultural walk  that lasted two days. On the eve of the carnival, there was also a beautiful  meeting of murgas  with groups from all over the region.