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El Bosquecito: the university city is caravanera

On the premises of the university city, El bosquecito, the caravan of Cordoba students, takes place. We tell you what is the mystique of this event.


El  Bosquecito  is a  night meeting  that young people attend to share  music , ideas and drinks. It is organized by student centers or groups belonging to the university world. It's done many Thursdays or Fridays of the year. It starts at around 21 and ends when the sun begins to appear. It takes place in the university city, which is characterized by its wide green and wooded spaces.

The students peek out behind the trees with speakers, instruments,  grills  and conservatives: the  Bosquecito arrived. It seems that a  plague  invades the  National University of Cordoba  . Many times, during the night, you can enjoy a show, zapadas or poems recited by the same students. It should be noted that most of the time these are the self-management projects of the youth assistant. Each one with his band, his writings, his instruments, arribes to share them in the  Bosquecito . This  event  represents the vitality and activity of young people in  Cordoba .

 Is  there a forest?  

In a public space that students attend during the day to study, a caravan is set up that you can't imagine! Young people reappropriate the university city to be able to share, and  build the University  from other places.

The  Bosquecito  is held in the common spaces of the  Faculty of Communication Sciences  and the  Faculty of Social Sciences  . But it also has a variant known as “El Teatrino”. It offers the same dynamic, but in another space of the university city that has the architecture of a  Greek theatre . The meetings take place with various reasons. Sometimes by pure celebration, sometimes to problematize some issues of the institution. However, it never ceases to be a space for meeting, solidarity and fellowship.

 What  are we wearing? 

Lights, flags and posters are displayed in some of the green spaces of the university city. In addition, grills with choris,  vegetarian ,  vegan and for all tastes. With drinks, it happens the same: bars that offer “ 70/30 ”, “ pritiaus ” and more... And yes, the Cordovan is inclusive par excellence, and more if it is  caravanear . If it's parties, the Cordovan raises a “fiestoon” from nothing itself. The  Bosquecito  is part of the Cordovan mystique and university life. When the first calorcitos of the year begin, the expected message is: “There is Forest, are we going?”

I hope, when you visit La Docta, you get that message and you can enjoy the B side of the studio.

Publication Date: 11/10/2019

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By: flor 17 October, 2019

Hay bosquesito, vamos? ♥

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