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Double festival, guaranteed enjoyment

We tell you one of the most famous traditions in northern Cordovan. It is a festival that lives up to one of the most desired dishes throughout the population, and falls on a key date.

cabrito de Quilino

 It is a special occasion,  in which everyone comes together to enjoy, dance and sing,  revolves around a special dish: the kid of Quilino. This dish is a  blessing of the region,  to which they do the honor  by filling the bellies and brightening the heart. 

 The town of Quilino  is located in the south-west of the Province of Córdoba.  It belongs to the department Ischilín and has several attractions nearby. Its climate is spectacular, the ideal to celebrate.Summer days in Quilino are hot and dry, so here “ does not kill moisture”.   The sun is the protagonist  of these northeast lands, from six  o'clock in the morning it illuminates every corner . And it's waking up a population that is working early with its activities. The abundant and leafy native trees are preserved in a special way, and are key to life in this place as they let in warm sunlight, but they also give us a little shade to rest. Without them, it would be difficult to hold the temperature.

Square party

 The main activity of this area is the breeding of high-quality goats.  But also the cultivation of citrus fruits, vine and olive groves. That is why the Provincial Festival of Mandarin is also celebrated. However,  the historic heyday of the production of kids places the city in the ranking of the most famous.  This city celebrates in January,  every year the    Provincial Festival of the Kid and Crafts  . An explosive combination that we're happy to just imagine it.

A bit of history

This event has been held almost 50 years  , and it always happens with the same passion.  The whole community of Quilino  moves for the occasion and prepares for a  small revolution.  The locals offer their spaces, their products and their charisma. While travelers and tourists enjoy the  gastronomic and artistic offer.  It is the special date for Quilino to display  all its natural beauty and the hospitality of its people.  And he does it: dances and celebrations end up uniting locals and foreigners. That's why it's more than a festival. In general,  the party lasts 4 or 5 days , that varies depending on the edition.  What never changes is the happiness that awakens this celebration. 

 Accommodation options are varied:  hotels, inns, residential, apartments and houses for rent. Most of them have the  essential services  and make every traveler as comfortable as possible. However, despite the wide supply,  demand is very much.  Therefore, you should book a while in advance if you want to enjoy your stay at the Festival at the very heart.

A walk has been said

 The wonderful thing about this event is that it is held at a strategic point for tourism.  Since the surrounding towns have their secrets and natural wonders to visit.In the Quilino area, you can go horseback riding, hiking through the surrounding hills or visit the Grotto de la Laguna. The attractive star is the  “white desert” of the Salinas Grandes.  It is one of the least exploited and most unique places in Argentina's landscapes. It is the star not only of Quilino, but of  the whole north of Cordovan . Other nearby places are San Francisco del Chañar, on the edge of the Salinas de Ambargasta and Sumampa, on the border with the province of Santiago del Estero.  The bordering beauties of the province give us an extraordinary experience. 

 Of course: to try the kid, the only specialist is Quilino.  And it is good for you to do it during the Festival, as it is where  the widest range and variety  are deployed. Accompanied by the most wonderful shows of  prominent provincial and national musicians . Once you have your tummy full, hundreds of handicrafts stands await  you to enjoy yourself with  a special walk.

Come to Quilino, come and enjoy.

Publication Date: 18/10/2020

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