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Do you like bitter mate?

We teach you how to cure the container so that you enjoy the richest bitters.


A well-cured mate guarantees us a long time to enjoy rich mattes. “ Cure ” a  mate  is the procedure through which the container is prepared before starting to use. Curing allows to seal the pores of the organic material so that it does not harm the good taste of the infusion.
 It is necessary to cure only the mattes of organic materials, such as pumpkin and wood, or those of horns and hooves of animals . Since after using them they are slow to dry, there is a risk that mold will be generated inside. Curing helps them dry faster and avoid this process.
Maybe you did not know, but there are different methods of curing a mate, which depend primarily on the type of infusion we like to take. If the container is intended to be primed bitter matte, you will need a different procedure than would be used in the case of sweet  mate  . Today we want to tell you how to perform curing for bitter mate.

 Curing for bitter matte (wood or pumpkin) 

 Step 1:  Wash the container thoroughly inside with hot water, boiled but cooled to 80 degrees. This serves to disinfect and remove bacteria, dust and fibers.
 Step 2:  Fill with  yerba . Yerba will absorb what was left of water after washing. Wait for it to swell and add warm water, gradually, until the surface becomes wet. When the yerba has swollen again, add water again until it is absorbed again. You can repeat this two or three times until the yerba reaches the top of the container.
 Step 3:  Leave to rest for two or three days in a dry place. During that time, the necessary water must be added so that the yerba always remains moist.
 Step 4:  Wash and use At the end of two or three days, the cure will be finished and the mate will be ready to be used.

Publication Date: 30/11/2020

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